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Lots of blood in stool

  My sister has been getting quite a large amount of blood in her stool for three days.  She says it's as much as she gets during menstration.  Apparently she also had a small leak while she was working.  The blood is bright red.  She has no pain nor other symptoms.
  What to do?
Dear Jeff,
Most patients with bright red rectal bleeding have an anorectal source. Some possible causes include a hemorrhoid, a fissure (tear in the anal canal) or inflammatory bowel disease. In older patients colorectal cancer needs to be ruled out. A flexible sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy can visualize the large intestine and rectum and exclude a serious cause for bleeding. A gastroenterologist can help her decide which test(s) is appropriate for her clinical situation. If bleeding is severe or if she feels lightheaded and dizzy she should go to the nearest emergency room for further evaluation and treatment. I hope you find this inflammation helpful.
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