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Lots of symptoms and no real cause as of yet???? (weakness, bloated stomach...)

ok if anyone has any ideas about this please let me know.

here is a current list of symptoms i am experiencing:

1- fatigue and weakness.  always tired, yawning, stretching...could sleep all day.

2- nausea- comes and goes no real pattern.

3- plugged sinus for 4 months

4- lightheadedness...especially after activity like climbing stairs or running. also after standing up too fast after sitting for a while.

5- shortness of breath when climbing stairs or running a small amount.  

6- occaisional acid indigestion (treated for h. pylori a few months ago)

7- fullness, bloated stomach.  pressure in abdomen.

8- frequent problems with stomach gas

9- weak hands and tingling feet (always)

10- stomach aches and discomfort all the time, worse after eating.

11- occaisional headaches.

12- loose stool

13- i have hypothyroidism and have not yet been stabilized.

i am 26 years old
i have been tested for liver problems...NONE found.
i have been tested for congestive heart failure...NEGATIVE
tested for diabetes...NEGATIVE

this is becoming an ongoing issue that is very frustrating.

what are the odds for a stomach cancer?  why would they not have tested for that at this time?

any ideas are GREATLY appreciated.

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You might ask to have a stomach emptying test done; this will measure the rate at which food leaves your stomach. The nausea, bloating, acid and fatigue are all symptoms. It's an easy test, you eat a small amount of food with an isotope (which you can't taste and won't bother you) then lay on a table while a machine takes x rays of your stomach as it digests the food. Noninvasive and easy to do, but will give you some answers. In the meantime, you might also consider low fat, low fiber foods, as those are harder for the stomach to digest, and will increase your symptoms. Also when the food leaves the stomach at longer intervals, it can create problems with blood sugars and cause the symptoms of dizziness, etc. Hypothyroidism can cause this disorder as well. Worth looking into.
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As you will se you are describing classic symptoms of a yeast infection [I keep posting this info like clockwork]see how you score on the questionnaire. & Report back ,did you take antibiotics before the symptoms presented?


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i forgot to mention i am a male.
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a change of diet is due. have you had surgery recently. gas is common after abdominal surgery. sometimes anxiety and depression will cause fatigue and the weird tingling sensation could be a nervous condition.  dont be offended i sometimes feel like that when i'm worried
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a lot of your symptoms sound like mine and I have chronic gastritis.  Believe me when I say they named it right "GAStritis".  Since you have had hp and I had it in the past, it would make since that you are still battling stomach inflammation.  I have never been the same since I had it.  My nexium and carafate help, but I still have to eat very bland.
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For the past month I have had "rolling cramps" usually around 1 - 3 hours after I eat.  It can show up in the upper intestinal area or lower area.  I took an over the counter enzyme product which seemed to help a bit, but it hasn't eliminated it.  The worst bouts are after the evening meal.  I also experience lower pelvic pressure at times from it.  There is also a presence of a gassy, aerosol taste in my mouth--very hard to describe.  No bowel problems or stomach upset--no acid or burning, just the cramps.  No fatigue, depression, insomnia, etc.  I am a 57 year old female.  I don't know if I should contact my doctor about this.
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You should see a doctor to be safe.  That could be a signal and better to catch anything early rather than late.  If you have excessive gas, ulcers could be involved.
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