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Low abdomen & groin pain

  I am a 38 yr. old female with pain in my lower right abdomen. It also goes into my groin and right thigh. It sometimes is unbearable and other times not to bad. It started about 2 yrs ago before my hysterctomy in which they removed my uterus and left ovary( I had a soft ball size cyst on the left ovary) I went to my GYN for the yearly check up( a year after my surgery)and to have my utlasound to see it I had another growth on my right ovary but he found nothing. He did however say it might be scar tissue and also gave me a depo-provera shot to see if that helped. I can't say for sure if it helped because I started having terrible neck pain and headaches 4 days after the shot and had to go in the hospital for tests. I was not to active for about 2 months and after I got better and started moving around more again the pain has gottin worse in my abdomen, groin and thigh. The pain is worse when I sit. But better when I walk or lay down. I  did have had some numbness in my right leg upon waking in the morning while lying on my back. But have since put a board under my mattress and haven't had the numbness. I don't know if this has anything to do with this problem or if its a different problem but this morning when I had a bowel movement there was bright red blood in the tolit but no pain. I have had hemorrholds on an off since my son was born 20 yrs ago. But never any blood before. I hope you can give me some advice because I'm not even sure which doctor I should see for this problem. Thank you for your time and attention.
Dear Debbie,
Your chronic abdomenal pain and recent episode of bright red blood per rectum are probably not related.  If the blood was on the surface of the stool, only in the toilet bowl or only on the paper, then the bleeding site is most likely in the lower rectum or anus.  Possible causes would include hemarrhoidal bleeding and fissures.  The workup would include a flexible sigmoidoscopy.  If the blood was mixed with the stool, then the bleeding site could be anywhere in the colon. In this scenario, a colonscopy is indicated.
I do not believe that your abdominal pain is due to a gastrointestinal cause.  However, to exclude treatble diseases, you could consider barium studies of your colon and small intestine.  
This information is provided for educational purposes only.  Always discuss specific medical questions with your personal physician.
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