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Lower left abdominal pain, cramping and nausea

I am a 25 year old female.  I gave birth to my only son on 5/16/00.
My period routinely skips a month.  I had a period in July, none in August, started my period on September 3rd.
When I did get my period it was super heavy and crampy for the first day and then was very light until stopping completely about a week later. Since then I have experienced some clear discharge, but not much.

I started feeling nauseous and crampy after my period had completely stopped.  The cramping comes in waves.  The nausea is most evident after I eat or drink but is pretty constant in the evenings.  Sometimes when I burp I vomit a little in my mouth.
Lately I have been having increased pain in my lower left abdomen, just in from my hip bone.
These symptoms seem to be at their worst in the evenings.  However today the symptoms were still there in the morning.  I'm not sure if that means anything.  I have also been somewhat dizzy, especially when a cramping wave hits me.
The pain in my lower left abdomen has prevented me from standing up quickly or walking too much.

I've taken two home pregnancy tests that were both negative. One test was taken the day before my period started.  The second was taken after a doctors appointment on 9/21/01.  I told my doctor how I've been feeling except for the pain in my lower left abdomen.  (That pain has developed since my doctors appointment.)
He thought either I am pregnant or maybe I have an ovarian cyst.

I have read that ectopic pregnancies are difficult to detect without a blood test.  Could that be it?

I'd appreciate any insight!

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