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Lower right quadrant discomfort

I am a 55-year-old male, 5' 11" and 200 lb. Symptoms started about 5 years ago. The main symptoms are burning and a dull ache in the lower right quadrant of my abdomen. The tests done include a CT scan, upper GI, Brarium enema - all negative. Blood tests are normal. The symptoms are becoming worse and now include some nausea. Sitting and lying down increase the discomfort, while standing decreases them. Food seems to worsen the symptoms, but no particular food makes them worse than anoter. At night, lying on the left side relieves the symptoms as does massage. There is no blood in stools. What could the be? Could appendicitis cause these symptoms for such a long time? Cound it be a hernia? What about cancer?
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Dear Wayne,
It is impossible to answer your question regardung the cause for your abdominal painbut Ican describe the other conditions that you mention.

Appendicitis usually causes pain in the left lower quadrant.  Although there are surgeons who believe in the condition of chronic appendicits, I am unaware of anyoe who thinks that 5 years of pain could be related to an appendiceal problem.

Colon cancer can cause right lower quadrant discomfort.  The barium enema should exclude colon conditions, assuming a good preparation and a careful examination.  Because the catheter used to infuse the barium can obscure the rectum, it is our custom to also perform flexible sigmoidoscopy to complete the workup to exclude colonic pathology.  Again, it would be unlikely to have colon cancer for 5 years without other symptoms.

Although an inguinal hernia could cause right lower quadrant pain that lasts for years, the pain is usually worse when standing and better when lying.

Finally, one must also consider irritable bowel disease when there is chronic pain without a definitive etiology.
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I have Hepatitis C and I have your symptoms also
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I am inclined to ask if this pain in the lower right quadrant is primarily more towards the front or the rear. I have the exact same symptoms and I am presently undiagnosed. However my pain and discomfort is more towards the back near my kidneys.
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It Started over a year and a half ago. My left arm started going numb along with my chest. I thought it was a heart attack. I had it checked nothing wrong with my heart. After a few months it started back again . Iv'e had xrays of my chest nothing blood test nothing. Ifeel tired now ,chest pains along with pains in between my shoulder blades along with sharp pains along the right and left side of my stomach they come and go. also had a MRI showed nothing . Iam 41 and have drank for 20 years avg 3 drinks per day. When I work not bad but on the way home I think I AM HAVING A HEART ATTACK It happends every day now along with the stomach pains.
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I have suffered from the exact same thing for about a year. Have had Ct scan(normal),abdominal ultrasound(normal),colonoscopy.Had polyps removed from colon.Still have the same persistent pain with no relief.Pain radiates to hip area.Had mri on hip(normal)Nothing seems to help. If you find any answers,please email me at ***@****
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The pain that I have is generally on the right side and seems to radiate out towards my lower back and is also present in the area of my right kidney. An ultrasound of my kidneys showed up normal. I have not had any other symptoms until the other day when I noticed trace amounts of blood in my stool. At times this pain is pretty intense, and yet the doctor can not seem to pinpoint a problem.
I have no idea if this is in any way connected but I have also been experiencing pain in my legs, mostly the left one (leading me to believe these are isolated symptoms) in the thigh area.
If anyone recofnizes what this may potentially be, please post!
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I have symptoms like many of you. I have pain in my right side, burning in my abdomen,tightness when I lay down, hard to breath, throbbing in my right side, and much more.  i have a Hemangioma on my right lobe of my Liver.  The Dr.'s say I should not have these symptoms due to a Hemangioma.  It is 6.5x4.6 in size.  I was questioned if i hurt because I knew something was there.  But no, was my reply because it took me a long time of these pains and symptoms before finding out from a abdominal ultrasound what I had.  It is continuing to grow rapidly, and another smaller lesion was just found on my left lobe of the liver.  I did not give up with Dr.'s. So if you have un-answered pain continue to seek a Dr. willing to help you. You know your body better than anyone.  If anyone has what I have please e-mail me (***@****). If you have information on ruptured Hemangioma I would like to know more. Thanks, Sandy
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I too am having the same pain you describe. After I eat it feels like a lump right in the top of my ribs. I have had nausea with vomitting chunks of food. I had an upper GI and blood work done and hope to have the results next week. Mine does seem to worsen when i lie down after I eat or lay on my right side. Right now my Dr is treating it like an ulcer and I am taking prevacid. I seem to be feel a little better but am really watching what I eat. I will let you know the results of my xray and blood work. I am patiently waiting for them myself. I just want to feel better.
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I'm wondering if gall bladder problems have been ruled out for many of you??  Many people in my family have described similar symptoms, with the achiness on the right side.  Recently, two of my family members had an acute attack of intense pain on the right side and they each had to have their gall bladders removed.  From what little I've been able to find out, high cholesterol, over weight, fair skin, and age forty or so seem to be ripe conditions for gall bladder problems.  It will be interesting to know if this turns out to be the case for any of you, so please keep posting.....
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I have just read Dr. Melissa Palmer's new book and in it she addresses this issue. She says you can have liver problems that do not show up on a scan. I have the same symptoms. No Dr. can tell me what the problem is and it is terribly frustrating. After reading this book and looking at the rest of the symptoms I am looking for a hepatologist. Someone more able to help me.
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Well I am like you all, still looking for answers. I too have the pain in my lower right side. They are going to perform a colonoscopy and and EDG on the 6th of Dec. As of yet I am being treated for IBS. Which includes the drug bentoyl, and changing my diet. More fiber they say. I have also been advised to use some sort of stress therapy. I am going to try relaxation tapes. If any of you come up with some answers to stopping the pain and the discomfort. Please let me know. I am suffering from anxiety attacks everyday now. I do believe that stress is going to show a great amount of symptoms with this problem.
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Hi,this is a addition to the comments before us and the statement regarding rt lower quadrant pain...Sounds like the possibilities of biliari "sludge" I too have chronic hep c,and suffer these same symptons,agravated by any intake of any meds,foods,alcohol,one piece of advice,increase your fluid intake...keep the system clean....any questions,email is ***@**** I am Corey
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My sister has the same problems. First the dr. said it was pancreatitis and gave prescription. It didn't help. Then she had the upper and lower G I series done. Now they have decided it is her gall bladder. After weeks of pain, surgery is scheduled. I hope this gets rid of her suffering for good. will keep posted and let you know..
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I've been reading each report on right lower abdominal pain and was very interested that so many people suffer the same symptoms as i do.I have constant pain in my right side which seems to be getting worse. It started with a really bad flu that never went away, then i got recurrent cold sores and while all this was happening this side pain persisted, if it's related I still don't know. I had an ultrasound and bloodtests and thay were fine although the doctor said my liver was very large, and was probably just related to the virus. It's been 2 months and the pain is getting worse, i've been reading about hepatitis and all sorts of illnesses to help me identify what the problem is but i'm still not sure.Any help would be appreciated.
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I also had lower right abdomen pain.  It was found to be mild inflammation of the colon.  It was diagnosed by a biopsy of my colon.  Good luck!
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I have the lower right discomfort also and found that I contracted Hep C from surgery in 1992
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I too have lower (very low, immediately above the lymph area) right quadrant pain that occassionally radiates up toward my right kidney (started when I was 16... I am now 30). I can point to the exact spot where the pain originates (about the size of a quarter). My right leg used to ache so badly I would be in tears. Nothing allieviated that pain! I don't get that as much now though. I must admit I had many serious flu episodes as a teen.

I also am chronically nauseated and have severe bloating whenever I eat any wheat products. I too have gone through a series of doctors that have told me: Psychsomatic, IBS, Endometriosis, Stress, Gas, Constipation, "kink in the intestines", Inflamed bowel,... Nothing was ever conclusive. Blood tests are always fine. My gall bladder is fine.

I've noticed that I get a thick white film on my tongue preceeding many of these bouts and started to suspect a chronic, reoccurring  Candida infection. Additionally, just in the last year, I'll get painful spots on my tongue where the taste buds will slough off, then regrow as soon as the white coating goes away. I noticed also that when I suppliment with Lysine the condition seems to stay away. From what I've read, this would tend to indicate a viral infection of some sort? All the blood work I've had in the past has come up negative for bacterial infection, although I often run a very low grade fever (99-100).

On two occassions I've had rebound tenderness in the lower right quadrant (where you would expect for an appendix problem). But both time it was not especially severe and the doctor I was seeing at the time dismissed it as "not important."  I had black tarry stool once for about three days about two years ago (no reoccurance) and was treated for blood in my stool (bright red...rectal hemeraoid and fissures) about a year ago due to repeated bouts of constipation. I also get fatigued a lot. I saw a GI doctor after a great NP treated me for this and he told me to "eat more fiber." Then prescribed a fiber source that contained yellow food coloring (I have an asmatic response to that... told him so before he prescribed it). I cannot take psyllium (massive abdominal/stomach inflamation after trying it... bad news stuff).

I've had so many really horrible experiences with doctors that I've given up on their being able to help me. The only thing that seemed to work for more than a short time was a complete vegetarian, wheat/milk free diet (I still ate small amounts of cheese), supplimenting with Lysine and taking asidophlus. It was really hard to do but it worked until I started becoming really fatigued (anemic?). I've greadually reintroduced meat, wheat with the return of the pain. I suspect that I may have to accept a vegetarian lifestyle with added lysine supplimentation.  But if anyone can give me a better option then I will gladly take it!
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I have terrible lower pain in my right side reaching to my kidney or liver. I cannot even lie on my right side as it hurts and almost feels like an emty space. I have already had my appendix removed. Doctors put it down to IBS which I do not believe as I feel it is something else. I feel tired most of the time and seem to have no energy.Doctors sometimes make you feel hypocondriac so I have given up
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I am hoping that when someone actually finds out what the answer was to their problem they will come back and let everyone know. I am having a lot of the same symptoms as everyone else and that I am not alone in this.
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I have been an alcoholic for 3 years now. About two months ago, I had lower/upper abdominal discomfort during sleep. Later on the pain became more noticable after I would drink. Finally, the pain became constant and even would persist to the other side of my abdomen and back. Worried, I went to get a Liver enzyme test in fear of cirrohsis. It came back normal and I have
been abstaining from alcohol for about a month now. I then went  for and ultrasound with no evidence of gaul,kidney, or liver problems. My physician then diagnosed me with liver inflammation
from "fatty liver". There was more fat in my liver than normal as
another blood test revealed. Its been about 2 months now and the pain still persists but is not as bad. It feels like its never going to go away and its been driving me nuts..(im 25 years old)
The doctor said that if I remain abstanant from alcohol it will improve. I hope so.
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Hi I have too suffered from LRQ/periumbilical pain going on 5 years.

I have been through all the tests, allthough unable to complete a Contrast air BE.  I tried three times and three times I got off the table right when the Barium got to that area.  You would think that was a red flag, but NO they just act pissed because you waste their time.

I had secondary Infertility and had a laparoscopy and Hsg, with many adhesions scar tissue and blocked tubes.  Suspected Endometriosis.

I was treated with Lupron this past year and only lasted three months because the pain got worse and I started bleeding for 33+days.

I have an enlarged right kidney but am told it's normal because I have a dual system kidney on that side.  After the laparoscopy I got a kidney infection and the diagnosis of Endometriosis after that terrible experience with a very powerful drug caused more problems.

I am seeing a gastroenterologist, a neuromuscular doctor and a hemotologist to differentiate my slow rising alkaline phosphatase level.  I recently had an abdominal u/s and have had many in the past, this time an experienced radiologist found what he thought was a bundle (nerves/ganglion) in my LRQ where I experience pain.

After I had our secind child this past June I was jaundice and very ill.  I was diagnosed with IBS, but obviously that is not the case.  I lost over 65 lbs within three weeks post partum.  They didn't seem too concerned.  Perscribed levsin and forget that, I took it one day and nearly went insane.

At the present time I feel I have a neurological problem as well as GI.  It seems there is some type of occlusion to the intestines, colon, and vessels.  My cirrculation is poor, and my entire body aches at different times.  The LRQ is numb (perphieral neuropothy) and I have all the symptoms of Reflex sympathetic dystrophy.  Now that I have been perscription free for over a month I feel better, In pain alot sometimies debilitating but have a direction.

I agree with the poster completely about the allergies to wheat etc.  There are some type of malabsorbtion problems going on as well.

I hope you all find some answers soon as well as me I suppose the CT scan with further detail the u/s findings.

Take Care
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Its nice to read that other people are experiencing the same pain as I am (lower right quadrant discomfort) but it is also alarming that no one seems to have a straight answer/solution to their problem.

I am 28 years old, I eat well, I exercise regularly and consider myself to be overall a "healthy" person...but then there is this discomfort that started 6 months ago.  This symptom is present everyday and seems to get worst after I eat.  Placing my hand on it or a hot water bottle slightly relieves the discomfort.  If I am lying down on my back, the right side of the abdomen is noticibly swollen.

-Blood tests
-Tropical disease (parasites etc.)
-Ultrasound (liver, pancreas)
-Lactose intolerance test
-Abdomen x-ray

Doctors have dismissed to stress and irritable bowel syndrome. I take steps to reduce the stress in my life but the symptoms are present nonetheless: diarrhea, weight loss--20 pounds in 6 months(and I EAT 3 normal meals a day), bloating, etc.

Like so many others, I need new ideas, theories, anything that can help cure myself.

I have a severe allergy to Buckwheat.
Could it be that I developed an allergy to gluten?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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I have similar pains as Caroline.  I am 29 years old.  Doctors took my append out when I was 24.  The pain in the lower right continued.  They said it was crohns disease.  I went into the hospital in October.  When they did the barraium x-ray it was negative.  How can I have these pains in the hospital but yet have no intestinal swelling or blockage.  Are they sure it is crohns or could it be something else?  No medicine seems to work.
I know how you feel Caroline.    

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For the past 4 years I have felt awful, It started in high school
One morning I had blood in my stool. It really scared me. I went to my docter he dimissed it. I then started to experience
severe gas and heartburn,nausea loss of appetite I switched docters, they sent for blood tests, ultrasound, upper gi and lower. everything came back negative. Thank god, but my symptons still persist on and off. Lately on. When I began to
feel sick I was in a abusive relationship and I haven't felt the
same. I am now out of the relationship but the real sympton that
persist is feeling nausious, can stress cause this where my test
results came back negative? Please Help me I'm only 22 years old and I feel like I'm 80.
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