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Lumps in upper abdomen

I am a 43 year old female, hysterectomy in 2005 that ended in infection and 18 days in the hospital, cholecystectomy in 1990.  I have had pain in my upper abdomen for about 23 years.  For years it was left sided, always after eating.  Kept journals etc. trying to find out what triggered it.  Gallbladder removed, test showed a "non-functioning" gallbladder - no stones.  Pain still persisted.  Then at some point it started hurting on the left side also, then over this last summer started just hurting all the time all over upper abdomen left and right side.  Had a lot of epigastric pain.  It felt like something was pushing out on my ribs, like someone had blown up a balloon inside under my ribs, constantly felt like I needed to push it down under my ribs.  A lot of pain in my flank region.  Felt like I had gained weight in this area too.  We have a family historing of an undiagnosed swallowing disorder, something to do with the cricopharyngeal muscle, but swallowing was worse during this time.  A lot of chest pain.  I have had upper scopes done showing some gastritis, colonoscopies latest showed some diverticulitis.  But nothing to explain this pain.  Then, mid August, it was like the balloon popped out from under my ribs and I have this band that goes from one side of my body to the other right below the ribcage, that is distended and painful.  Then one night I was rubbing this area and I found a lump about the size of an peanut.  Since then, I have developed several lumps across this area, some large, some small.  Recently had an abdominal CT scan which was normal.   Area is best felt when I am standing.  Several lumps!  I have been to an Internal Medicine Specialist about this, he has me lay down and he does not feel them.  I had him feel the area when I was standing and he doesn't think it is anything to worry about.  Nothing to worry about!  What is this!  I have a distended abdominal area that is full of lumps that seems to be growing.  What do I do next?
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If you are able to feel lumps through the skin, it is less likely to be caused from the GI system.

You may want to evaluate for soft-tissue abnormalities, like a lipoma, which can cause multiple lumps that can be felt through the skin.

A soft-tissue ultrasound would be an appropriate test if this is suspected.  Seeing a general surgeon can be considered if lipomas are found and need to be removed.  

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.
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