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Milk of Magnesia?

Is it ok to take magnesium hydroxide (milk of magensia) with a duodenal ulcer?
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Yes that is fine as long as you use it for a short period of time as directed on the label.  You will find that it probably will help with the symptoms of the ulcer in that it will neutralize the stomach acid which irritates the sore.

Hope this helps,

JOHN W. (RPh.)
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Thanks so much :)
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Can one use Carafate as the over the couters ? To relieve pain?
Any chance Carafate can heal GERD , Non-Ulcer Dysepsia ?
Or Pepcid ?
Some PPI
and other medications have too many side effects ?
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what side effects have you had from proton pump inhibitor? Carafate is not available over the counter and is an aluminum complex, works locally by coating the stomach and ulcer, i dont know if it would be effective as an antacid not heard of it being helpful with GERD
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