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Mucous secretion with Bright Red Blood

I had a severe toothache was prescribed Clithomaycin for 7 days, went to see the dentist after antibiotic was finished. I was also taking Advil every day after the tooth was filled. The pain was severe. I was actually taking 10-12 Advil a day for a few days. This Friday I noticed mucous in the bowl with Bright Red Blood in it. In fact, I saw it twice today. Seems like that is all that comes out at times. I am extremely terrified.
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Dear JoeN733 ,

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Blood and mucus in stools is a marker of colitis ( an inflammation of the colon). In your case, it could either represent a random infection or a side effect of the medications that you are currently receiving.

Clindamycin is known to be associated with antibiotic associated colitis caused by the bacterium Clostridium difficile. This is an opportunistic infection( which means that this bacterium can only attack your gut after the normal bacteria in your gut have been wiped out by antibiotics) and disappears after cessation of antibiotics. Taking probiotics will help and in extreme cases you may need a course of vancomycin or metrogyl.

Advil is a nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drug (NSAID) and these have been associated with colitis. Stopping the drug and taking a lot of fibre will help.

However if the problem persists even after cessation of medications, check with your GP for other independent causes

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