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  Hello!  Happy Holidays to you.
  I am 38 years old and have been suffering from an unknown illness for almost two years.  My biggest complaints are nausea and thick, rubbery mucus.  I have had all the respiratory tests (i.e., GI, upper GI w/lower bowel follow through, two endoscopies, colonoscopy, and a CT scan of my stomach, even an IVP and a test for Diabetes) with negative results.  Although I am extremely grateful that I do not have an ulcer, etc., I continue to suffer.  My M.D. treated me most recently for GERD with Prilosec and Propulsid with no positive effects.  I finally had him refer me to an ENT who used a camera to look in my sinuses.  My sinuses looked clean, but according to the ENT, it seemed there was secretion from my Eustachian tubes that was slightly yellow.  Also, at the back of my tongue was a bunch of white, thick-looking mucus which I am constantly spitting out.
  The ENT put me on Guaifenesin (600mg) which is generic for Humibid.  Also, every time I am put on an antibiotic, I have what I call an "episode" of debilitating nausea.  
  I know of no allergies and before March 1997, I was perfectly healthy.  I do not suffer from hearing loss or dizziness.  Do you have any idea what might be causing the nausea and what I can do to lead a life without the nausea?  Thank you for any help you can give me in this matter.
Dear Jose,
Your physician did not evaluate the possibility that gastroparesis (impaired emptying of the stomach) is the cause for your nausea.  A radioisotope study will assess gastric emptying.  The suggestion that you have food allergies is a possible explanation but hard to prove conclusively.  
This information is presented for educational purposes.  As specific questiosn to your personal physician.
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