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Nausea, Loss of Appetite and Enlarged Liver Following Injury

  This inquiry is on behalf of my mother who is 74 years old and in good health and physical condition.  She has been experiencing loss of appetite and nausea since an injury invoked when she lifted a heavy feed sack that buckled and pinched her abdomin and solarplexis areas.  The injury took place about two months ago.  At first, she thought she would get better in time if she was careful; she did not.  The nausea did not result in vomiting, except for once - she just did not have any interest in eating.  After a time, she noticed that her liver felt enlarged on one side.  She has lost weight because of not having the appetite to eat.  After seeing a local doctor in her remote area of residence, she was told that her white blood cell count was elevated and that she was borderline anemic.  No B Complex, iron or vitamin injections or pills were given to her.  The only suggestion was that she have a "C-scan" done.  A notation was made about her being annorexic, which she bristled at (she is now 110 lbs and stands 5' 3 1/2" tall).  All of these symptoms started after the injury.  Could you give me an idea of what the connection between the injury and her syptoms could be and what treatment options we should explor?   Also, would an MRI or a Cat-scan give a better "picture" of her obdominal region?  
Dear Kathie,
Your mother
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