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Odd Color Stool

I am concerned about my 14 month old.  She has always had digestive problems.  She had severe colic, and had to be placed on predigested formula.  She has had lots of bouts of vomiting and diarrhea since birth.  For as long as I can remember, her stool has always been yellow.  Yesterday, she had numerous bowel movements, and her stool was a very light yellow.  It almost looked white.  Her stomach has also seemed bloated for the past couple of weeks.  I don't know if this makes a difference but she has been on tons of antibiotics since birth because of recurrent ear infections, even with tubes.

This is my first child.  I am not sure what color her stool should be.  Is yellow stool normal for a child this age?  Should I be concerned about the very light yellow, almost white, stool?  What could this indicate?
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Light colored stool can be caused by something you eat.  But, it can also be a sign of liver problems.  If it were my child, I would be taking her to the doctor, just to be on the safe side.
Hope this helps.  And, please let us know what you find out.
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Hi, I don't know anything about babies- but I do know about the effects of antibiotics on the digestive tract. I was on several courses of antibiotics in a short period of time (apparently this can happen for longer and less intense courses too) and they killed my digestive bacteria so I developed severe chronic stomach pain.
I remember when I went to the doctor and he at first diagnosed "colic". I was quite surprised with that diagnosis because I thought only babies got that, but then I just thought "no wonder colic babies cry so much when they have it- it is agony!"
I was also quite surprised that the doctor didn't warn me about this possible side effect of antibiotics earlier. You should bring this up with your doctor as a possibity (I know not everyone gets this after antibiotics) even though she is on predigested formula. I don't know what the treatment for this in a baby would be (and I know NOTHING about babies) but I treated mine with probiotics (not advisable for babies though) and the only other thing that helped was heat on my stomach area. Ask your doctor if they think that it could be due to the antibiotics as well as other possibilities.
(Oh yeah, my stool did change colour but it was green- then turned a more golden when it was getting better...) I would really ask the doctor about this.
Best Wishes,
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Hi, yes I agree with the above posts.  An almost white stool is indicative of malapsorbtion.  That can be caused by many things. One in a non functioning pancreas which releases the enzymes to digest food.  The only thing that I know of that causes that at such an early age is cystic fibrosis.  I would'nt worry because it is very uncommon but you might mention it to your doctor and suggest a sweat test.  My daughter has CF and this is the only reason I know this.  Don't freak out.  Like I said - it is uncommon.  Good luck.
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When my daughter was very young, abt 3 mo. old, she had a similar bowl situation.  After a few visits to her doctor and test (specim sent off to State lab in our home area) They found out she had contacted Path-o-genic Ecoli.  It's usually transferred from infant to infant and not adult to infant.  She had to be on a lactose milk and lactanex (sp) was put into her milk till her bowls got cleared up. You should take your daughter to the doctor asap and get her treated asap, infants can dehydrate quickly, especially if she seems to have a constant runny diahrea.
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