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Off colored bowel movements

  Dear Doctor,
  For the last week or more, my bowel movements have been tan in color.  What could be the possible cause of this?  I do have a history of Pancreatitis from an ERCP, with periodic flares.  I also have Endometriosis that has been found and excised from the Cecum and Sigmoid Colon.
  Thank you for any information you can provide.  I appreciate this very much.
Dear Robin,
Tan stools may not have any significance.  We do know, however, that pale clay-colored stools are often the result of inadequate bile flow into the duodenum which can be due to bile duct obstruction.  In your case, bile duct obstruction could theoretically be the reult of scarring in the pancreas (from the pancreatitis) obstructing the bile duct.  If this was the explanation you would have jaundice and dark colored urine in addition to pale stool.  If you are concerned by the problem, see your doctor.
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