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Pain Upper Left Quadrant - have had every test - DOC stumped as usual ..

Same old story gang---recently had ABDOMINAL
SCAN, endoscope down the throat, didn't have colonoscopy this time...ahhhhh  lets see anything else.... DOC is stumped---constant pain in upper left side,,,,, everything looks ok I keep hearing.....pain is always there and sometimes gets REALLLLLLLLLLL  uncomfy...
On the prilosec which I guess is OK for heartburn etc;;; not really a problem with that anymore.... but not this mysterious pain..... ahhh about 5 years of frustration now----with no end in sight-----kinda like  gurgling, pulled muscle, twitching feeling inside that drives me crazy....I'd like to reach in & grab it out if I could....
something is being missed.... some pancreas inflammation type thing ?? spleen ???  scan says all is fine and blood readings OK...
hmmmmm  DOCTORS   you are missing something...
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  !!
frustrated Rob ....take care all.....
someday  maybe someday I just wanna double over real bad & not get up & say SEE DOCTORS  I told you there was something wrong---ya just couldn't find it....!!!!!!!

take care
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I agree.  Sad, they buy books, they go to school.  I hope they have fun with the money.  My doc has looked down my throat, looked up my a.., I starting to think he likes it!
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I'm going through the same thing.  Mine starts upper-left and radiates to my breastbone and goes into the center of my back.  Has to be the worst pain I've felt.  Sitting makes it worse, pacing back and forth makes it better.  Overall an 'attack' will last for 3-4 hours.  Had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, hidascan/cck and gallbladder removal (due to poor function), bloodwork, etc...  The gastro doc blew me off and my regular doc has stated I have IBS.  Now I'm on Bentyl so we will see what happens...

Good luck with yours (and post if you get 'fixed')...
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This site may be of interest http://bellnet.com/cwc.htm  
I've been diagnosed with ALS and am hoping info from above site might help me as modern medicine won't. Many illnesses can be related in treatment methods.....Bill
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I have had diarrhoea for 3 days, can you tell me when it is likely to stop, I have taken (loperamide hydrochloride USP 2mg)

Yesterday it was every 15 mins for 12 hours, When can i expect to eat again and what should i eat
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Hey Rob -

See some of the previous posts below re. upper left quadrant pain without a diagnosis. Pretty discouraging. Some of us women suffering from these same symptoms have thought maybe it could be due to female hormonal changes, but I think your case just ruled that out as a possibility. Oh well...

Have they (the Drs.) ever given you any clue?  Your sympotoms sounds so exactly like mine ("kinda like gurgling, pulled muscle, twitching feeling inside").   I have started seriously thinking that It's some kind of nerve related sensation.  I actually had a second opinion by a Dr. appointed  through the short term disability insurer for my employer.  He was kind of a jerk, but his theory was that it was some kind of "localized neuro - mechanical" problem -- mayb esomething pressing on a nerve, but offered no ideas as to what.  He also thought I could've had shingles with no outward sign of skin eruptions because I was fighting the virus and it never made it out to the nerve endings. But that doesn't explain why I still have the pain 4 months later (for you, 5 years later!)  Nice try.

have you found anything that helps the pain?   Do you experience it all the time?  Have you ever had a back problems/pain?  How about gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)?  In my case, I'm now wondering if either of these conditions could be causing the ULQ pain/sensation.

Thanks for any info -

Carol D.
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Hi,,,,,, Sure--I suffered from Reflux in the past--am on prilosec now which really helps any type of heartburn....
Yepper---pain is all the time---always there---sometimes somewhat tolerable---sometimes makes me wanna scream...
what frustrates me about local doctors is they say--well Rob,,, the scans, tests are OK etc... gee ya must be fine..nuttin wrong..... we don't see anything--- BAD ANSWER... go to the next level DOCS....... don't ya got any other ideas.....for God's sake....
Yes---we just live with it like most; but it would sure be nice to get ride of...  Not a clue what really kicks it off---food, stress  never had a pattern to anything.....
i just don't know...................
the search goes on & on & on... I have a checkup/follwup next week where the DOC always pushes on my gut & says is that tender ???
Y E S  I say--that's tender !!!..well stay on prilosec---come back in a few months  BOOOO !!
take care,,,,rob
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A few comments to all of you folks.  I have had RUQ pain for the last two months.  Had all the tests.  Lately, I have had lots of fatigue and widespread pain in the back, neck, rt arm and leg, joints, etc.  I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I have a feeling it is fibromyalgia.  There's lots of debate about this disease but the latest is that it is a neurological disorder which makes one hypersensitive to pain - eg. pain signals are being amplified.

Regarding shingles, it is possible that the nerve damage from shingles could last for a couple of years.  From what I have read, it usually heals eventually.  Fibromyalgia has no cure.
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Hi,  havent posted in a while, but Carol D and myslef seem to be buds as far as our very similar problems.  I am trying to self diagnose myself.  I am beginning to think maybe IBS??? But who knows.  My pain isn't as bad lately but my BM's have changed.  This past week I had nothing but mucus.  Odd.  Sometimes I feel I have the answer and feel it relates to things, other times it seems there is no rhyme nor reason.  It is frustrating.  It is now over a year and no closer to knowing whats up.  I still think it gets worse for me around the time I get my period.  I don't know and no one has any answers.  Just wanted to make sure everyone is hanging in there.  I have noticed that eating high fiber helps... atleast I think is does.  I added a bowl of Fiber One or AllBran with soymilk to my day.  Makes the bloated feeling less.  As always, if anyoone has any idea, keep us posted,  Dawn
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Your comments, can hardly believe them. I call it my alien. Left side up like under rib. It is a weird sensation and sometimes stings. The pain is there most always. This bubble alien. I have had 2 cat scans and tomorrow go for colonoscopy. I have not found anyone that has anything similiar to this. Just chanced upon this boad.One other thing though, when pushed upon I get a cramp in the back ? Sometimes I expect to c a swollen spot there but no...I am on prilosec. I was told the pancreas in on right side; but don't know about the spleen. I've had this for almost 4 yrs now. Man, it wears one down. Also, just started of late, i feel like a pinching now and once in awhile like being stabbed with a blunt bone....take care
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I also have your alien.  He's with me always.  Sometimes he scares me.  I am on prevacid twice a day.  ssh, he's listening to me.
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I have the same type of problem, I was sent to a gastroenterologist who did the scope down the throat and said only that my stomach looked a little red. He wanted to put me on prozac!  my stomach hurts everyday just below my sternum. gnawing pain. I figured when he looked with scope he would see a huge ulcer. but nothing. I know there is something that isn't right.it is hurting right now as I am typing. It feels like a headache in my stomach. Yes I have lowered caffeine and that sort of thing but it actually feels better to eat than to not eat certain foods. I can't even let my baby lie on my stomach because it feels so tender . I don't know what is wrong but I know it is something.
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Hey Rob - could it be gas pain??  I've had pain in my upper left abdomin - feels like my intestines are bulging out under my ribs.  Had a deal of other problems as well (which I've had xrays, lower GI, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, blood work from hell..)  The pain is the worst thing I've gone through.  Have passed out because it's been so bad before.  Found out it's gas build up (never feel like I have to burp or, fart..)  I've found that Phazyme (over the counter gas stuff) is an immediate relief.  Give it a try, maybe it'll help.  I'm with you on the "NO.  EVERYTHING IS NOT OK".  (Been through this now for over a year, hearing nothing but "everything looks fine".  Then explain my 65lb. weight loss in 4 months...)

Good luck to you.  Hope the phazyme helps.  If you want to chat more, drop me an email at ***@****.
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Hi all - can't believe you are talking about the same pain I have had for years now.  Doctors cannot analyse what it is, and one told me to take paracetamol! I've thought about this one, and remember that 3 or so years ago, I tried picking up money I had dropped on the floor, instead of picking it up with my right hand, I did so with the left, and as a result did something to my neck which rendered me in such pain, that I couldn't drive or move my neck (I broke it before in a car accident - not as bad as it sounds -I cope with daily pain no problem. I do Yoga and feel a "block" in the left area under the back of left shoulder. I'm seriously thinking of having a scan to find out what is going on INSIDE THE BLADE. Hope to hear from you, and hope you sort your aliens out!
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I have the same pain to. Do any of you have stabbing headaches?
have you thought the side pain was your heart? My symptoms are definately stronger during my cycle!!

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sounds to me that you all have 1 of many different symptoms related to the "red flu".....the only cure i know of is to take back your country and prosecute those with ties to our corrupt govt that are spreading this s--t around.........
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Yes, I too have had a chronic discomfort, sometimes pain, in my upper left quadrant for around eight years now. Have been through all the tests including MRI of my entire spine. They did notice a "slight buldge" between vertibrae in my upper back which might explain some of the discomfort which includes ocassional numbness in my left arm and hand and stiffness and cracking when I stretch out my back and arm. I've done the bone crunching (chiropractor)approach and physical therapy which has provided some releif. It also feels as if I have a big "thing" growing under my rib cage to the left of my sternum. When I stretch back and push out my chest it also cracks.

I am going for a scope of my upper GI to biopsy a "Polyp" found during a barium x_ray. I don't think it is connected to my pain but who knows.The Polyp is adjacent to my stomach spincter and is 1 cm in size. I am 45 weigh 180 exercise and am a non smoker. I do have gerd and am on Prilosec as of last week. Has anyone ever been told they have a hiertal hernia with a polyp it it? I'm scared but my doc says polyps are common. Does anyone know what the liklyhood is that something like this is cancer?
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I am no expert, but what I have read tells me that most polyps are benign.  They may slowly become malignant, so should be checked and/or removed.  I'm speaking of what I know about colon cancer - polyps generally appear about 10 years before cancer in the colon.  It's best you are having it checked out.
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I've been having similar pains to what most of you all are experiencing. The comments back and forth are interesting.
It occurs to me that in trying to find the cause we are wasting valuable energy. The point is to assist the body in doing
what it does so well: which is heal itself. It's been called the wisdom of the body among other things. Eliminating bad foods,
negative thoughts, eating healthy, whole foods, trusting ourselves above doctors, cleansing and detoxifying the body,
healing our pasts, are all positive things that we can do to allow the body to have the energy it needs for self healing.
Modern medicine is terribly inept at helping anyone with any kind of chronic or degenerative diseases. That's where the
common sense healers run circles around the doctors. Check out any number of alternative healing sites, you might find
some of what you're looking for. A friend said "Diseases are the cure for what needs to be healed."
When that statement becomes meaningful then none of us will need to be sick anymore.
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I have had the exact same pains and I have seen 3 different doctors who have said its a rib muscle strain which I know it is not.  I have had this pain for 4 weeks so far, it all started after drinking alot of alcohol in one night.

I believe it is some type of ulcer(but I could be wrong. The doctor said an ulcer would be on the right side not the left.

As a fluke, I came across some Pepcid AC, after tying it the pain went away in 5 minutes or less.  The pain comes back put the Pepcid AC knocks it out or 80% or more of it. Also tums seem to work also.

My friend told me about his aunt who had every test done and they couldn't find anything.  Later after several stomach xray's
the found a pin hole ulcer in her stomach that was causing her the problems.  You may or may not have something like this, but I thought I would let you know in case it helps.  Good luck and let me know if it helps.
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I'm not sure if my symptoms are the same.  I have a "swollen" place right under my left breast that is the size of my left hand.  It is quite uncomfortable and at time it will "catch my breath". It's been there for about two days now.  I don't want to have to go to the Doctor but I am puzzled by this. Any ideas??  Thanks for your help.
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I have had a similiar ULQ pain for about a year. Diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. Prescription drugs helped some but had side effects. I am now taking 2 peppermint oil capsules with enteric coating so they do not dissolve in the stomach. They have helped reduce the pain more than anything else has. And if they don't help, at least they are harmless and have no side effects. They are recommended by doctors such as Julian Whitaker and Andrew Weill. You can get them at a health food store.
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Same pain, upper left quadrant.  Diagnosed with fatty liver.  Fatty liver can be inflamed and cause pain.
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Your liver is on the right side.  Everyone has told me that fattly liver is not a problem and doesn't cause pain.  Do you have more info?
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