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Pain Upper Left Quadrant - have had every test - DOC stumped as usual ..

Same old story gang---recently had ABDOMINAL
SCAN, endoscope down the throat, didn't have colonoscopy this time...ahhhhh  lets see anything else.... DOC is stumped---constant pain in upper left side,,,,, everything looks ok I keep hearing.....pain is always there and sometimes gets REALLLLLLLLLLL  uncomfy...
On the prilosec which I guess is OK for heartburn etc;;; not really a problem with that anymore.... but not this mysterious pain..... ahhh about 5 years of frustration now----with no end in sight-----kinda like  gurgling, pulled muscle, twitching feeling inside that drives me crazy....I'd like to reach in & grab it out if I could....
something is being missed.... some pancreas inflammation type thing ?? spleen ???  scan says all is fine and blood readings OK...
hmmmmm  DOCTORS   you are missing something...
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  !!
frustrated Rob ....take care all.....
someday  maybe someday I just wanna double over real bad & not get up & say SEE DOCTORS  I told you there was something wrong---ya just couldn't find it....!!!!!!!

take care
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I agree.  Sad, they buy books, they go to school.  I hope they have fun with the money.  My doc has looked down my throat, looked up my a.., I starting to think he likes it!
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I'm going through the same thing.  Mine starts upper-left and radiates to my breastbone and goes into the center of my back.  Has to be the worst pain I've felt.  Sitting makes it worse, pacing back and forth makes it better.  Overall an 'attack' will last for 3-4 hours.  Had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, hidascan/cck and gallbladder removal (due to poor function), bloodwork, etc...  The gastro doc blew me off and my regular doc has stated I have IBS.  Now I'm on Bentyl so we will see what happens...

Good luck with yours (and post if you get 'fixed')...
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This site may be of interest http://bellnet.com/cwc.htm  
I've been diagnosed with ALS and am hoping info from above site might help me as modern medicine won't. Many illnesses can be related in treatment methods.....Bill
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I have had diarrhoea for 3 days, can you tell me when it is likely to stop, I have taken (loperamide hydrochloride USP 2mg)

Yesterday it was every 15 mins for 12 hours, When can i expect to eat again and what should i eat
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Hey Rob -

See some of the previous posts below re. upper left quadrant pain without a diagnosis. Pretty discouraging. Some of us women suffering from these same symptoms have thought maybe it could be due to female hormonal changes, but I think your case just ruled that out as a possibility. Oh well...

Have they (the Drs.) ever given you any clue?  Your sympotoms sounds so exactly like mine ("kinda like gurgling, pulled muscle, twitching feeling inside").   I have started seriously thinking that It's some kind of nerve related sensation.  I actually had a second opinion by a Dr. appointed  through the short term disability insurer for my employer.  He was kind of a jerk, but his theory was that it was some kind of "localized neuro - mechanical" problem -- mayb esomething pressing on a nerve, but offered no ideas as to what.  He also thought I could've had shingles with no outward sign of skin eruptions because I was fighting the virus and it never made it out to the nerve endings. But that doesn't explain why I still have the pain 4 months later (for you, 5 years later!)  Nice try.

have you found anything that helps the pain?   Do you experience it all the time?  Have you ever had a back problems/pain?  How about gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)?  In my case, I'm now wondering if either of these conditions could be causing the ULQ pain/sensation.

Thanks for any info -

Carol D.
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Hi,,,,,, Sure--I suffered from Reflux in the past--am on prilosec now which really helps any type of heartburn....
Yepper---pain is all the time---always there---sometimes somewhat tolerable---sometimes makes me wanna scream...
what frustrates me about local doctors is they say--well Rob,,, the scans, tests are OK etc... gee ya must be fine..nuttin wrong..... we don't see anything--- BAD ANSWER... go to the next level DOCS....... don't ya got any other ideas.....for God's sake....
Yes---we just live with it like most; but it would sure be nice to get ride of...  Not a clue what really kicks it off---food, stress  never had a pattern to anything.....
i just don't know...................
the search goes on & on & on... I have a checkup/follwup next week where the DOC always pushes on my gut & says is that tender ???
Y E S  I say--that's tender !!!..well stay on prilosec---come back in a few months  BOOOO !!
take care,,,,rob
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