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Pain and Nausea at Night

  This is a follow up to a message posted in April.  Thank you for your earlier reply.  I am a 56 year old male; my gall bladder was removed (stones) about 27 years ago.  I try to stay in shape, ran a marathon in Dec.  Had a lot of diahrrhea since the gall bladder operation.  About 2 years ago Dr. thought I had IBS.  I got it under control by eliminating all coffee and alcohol from my diet.  Last Feb. I started to wake at night with either pain or nausea.  The pain is located above the navel, below the breast bone and does not radiate.  Sometimes it starts as extreme hunger then becomes a burning pain with lots of stomach noises.  Lasts about 1-3 hours and goes away.  Rarely are there any daytime symptoms and then only in the AM after a bad night.  The nausea is strong enough to wake me with a start thinking I am getting sick in bed; but I don't.  Only way to get relief from either is to get up and watch TV.  Sleeping sitting up does not seem to help much.  Dr. has run the following tests: endoscopy (no sign of ulcer, cancer, gastritis, hiatal hernia or H.Pylori), blood tests for pancreas and liver function---all normal and a Barium enema---all normal. Not losing any weight.  I have stopped all medication (Prilosec).  Symptoms started to go away; decreasing in frequency and severity but are now coming back.  The only thing I can link them to is some kind of daytime activity e.g. Running seems to make it worse.  Lying on my side at night can trigger it.  Dr. is stumped; why so bad at night and so good in the day?   Any thoughts?? In May you mentioned "muscular etiology" what is that? All tests look inside the digestive tract; any possibilities outside the tract?  Not getting much sleep at night.  Thanks.
Dear Bob S,
Your physicians have completed an extensive workup. Although I think that the chance of finding a GI etiology is small, you may want to discuss with your physician the benefits of a small bowel series and of a gastric emptying to complete the GI workup.  If thses tests also return normal results, then you can be reassured that you do not have a gastrointestinal cause for your symptoms.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Always ask your personal physician specific medical questions.
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