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Pain caused by?? scar tissue? liver or Pancreatis?

I am a post R-Y (open) proceedure pt of 11/2003. My gallbladder was romoved with liver biopsy too.  The digestive portion seems fine; I weigh <190.   However, I am repeatedly having pain on my rightside 3-4" below my scapula and to the right side of the spine.  Tonight, I stretched and my husband touching inbetween the ribs cause me pain of 7 on 1-10 scale.  It doesn't feel like muscles. It feels inflammed but deep.  I have searched everywhere on the net:  What is located in that region?  I rarely drink but do take NSAIDs maybe 1-2 times a week. Post Surgery - My Diabetes was resolve to A1C monitoring which runs between 5 & 6.  My only daily meds are synthryoid & Birth Control Patch. As for suppliments.  Multi-Vit & fe.

The biopsy showed mild fatty liver and the report on the gallblader was cholecystitis and no stones.   I haven't found anything that specifically triggers this pain.  I just move on my side in bed and WOW OUCH!.  It's a quick stabbing pain.

Please give me aid.  
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A pulmonary cause can be evaluated for, as well as a musculoskeletal cause.  A reasonable initial test to evaluate for the symptoms would be a chest CT scan - which can evaluate the lungs as well as any bony abnormality that can lead to the pain.

If negative, GI causes can be pursued.  This can include ulcers, biliary duct stones, or Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction.  Tests to consider would be a upper endoscopy (to evaluate the upper digestive tract) or an MRCP to evaluate the biliary tree.  

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I have had a few cases of severe acute pancreatitis, and now have chronic pancreatitis.  In my experience, I had severe pains that came and went every minute or so on the LEFT side of my upper abdomen and it radiated around to my LEFT flank area.  The pain that I continue to have is also in the Left upper quadrant of my abdomen.  It can at times seem to start in the middle of my upper abdomen, but has never been on the right before.  I've also had pains that radiated to my left shoulder and between my shoulder blades in my back.  From all that I've read this is the normal area for pain from pancreatic issues.  Of course I'm sure that doesn't mean pain could never be on the right though.  
Could you possibly be having pain from adhesions or scar tissue caused by your surgery? That's a possibility... I'd check with your doctor just to be safe!!
Hope you feel better soon!
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Fatty liver ca be controlled through good liver friendly diet and good nutrition and exercise. Also you shouldn't drink if you have fatty liver. I agree with the above poster, you should see the doctor, maybe it is adhesion pain but it could be something else that needs treatment.
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I had my GallBladder surgically removed 2 years ago.  I did not have stones, but had a comet tailed shadowing (Adenomyometosis).  I have recently started having a tingling like crawling feeling under my right rib above the fatty part of my stomach.  Now it is hurting when I bend to the right.  Very sore to the touch.  My doctor says it is a pulled muscle, 6 months ago.  If anyone has any ideas, please help me.  It is agrivating and it almost feels like a babys foot moving.  (have had pregnacy test and yearly checkup.  No BABY  Thank you
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I think I have pacreatitis. A couple of years ago I had the same pain, went to the doc. she thought I had panceatitis and sent me to a surgeon.  He said blood test results were not conclusive enough and didn't agree with doc. The pain is in the same area as yours and I have no gallbladder or uterus which could cause this.  What do you do for it?
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Have the docs done anything else besides a blood test to determine if you have pancreatitis? Like maybe a CT scan or MRCP, or ERCP? Do you remember your amylase and lipase levels? Also remember that the amylase and lipase levels only stay elevated for a certain amount of time after the onset of the pancreatitis attack (I think only a few days).  Also if you have chronic pancreatitis, the emzymes may not even elevate anymore due to the pre existing damage to the pancreas.  I have chronic pancreatitis, and I can definately tell the docs when I am having an attack, and my enzymes are not raised.  There isn't a whole lot they can do for me.. I try to stay at home during the attacks now.  It's just pain control, and trying to stay hydrated.  Unless I get very dehydrated from the vomiting during an attack, I stay out of the hospital now.  Other than that, they have me on pancreatic enzymes.  I have to take a few pills everytime I eat, even a snack.  That helps me digest what I eat.  Before I had a major problem with malabsorption due to my pancreas not making the proper amount of digestive enzymes.  The docs can test this by doing a 24-72 hour fecal fat test.  The enzymes help some of the pain, and definately keep you out of the bathroom!! lol
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