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Pain in lower chest and upper Stomach

  I have chronic pain that is located in the lower chest/upper abdomen area, where the
  esophagus meets the stomach I beleive. The chronic chest/abdomen pain may have some
  relationships to another pain I get, namely, a cramping, pinching pain, that radiates
  through both sides of my back area. The cramping/pinching mostly happens when I am
  lying down on my back and sometimes while setting. It is of such intensity that I must
  change positions to eradicate the pain. Standing back up, or changing my lying
  possession is the only thing that removes the pain.
  The chest/abdomen pain began when I was about 22 years old and I am 58 now. It started
  at about the same time I was taking a lot of medication for skin acme, called acmetabs.
  The medication seemed to work, so I took more than was prescribed on the bottle. I
  discontinued them after about six month or so because they seemed to stop working. (I
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