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Pancreatitis Related To Rib Pain?

  Back in January of this year a doctor diagnosed me as having Chronic Pancreatitis with Pancreatic Insuffiency. Two other doctors have agreed with this also.
This past Sunday a pain began to grow in and under my left rib and I wondered if the pancreatitis has anything to do with this. I know I did not break my ribs and I don't think I bruised them either. My husband thinks maybe my ribs seperated somehow, could this be possible? I was at work when the pain began and I do lift heavy items sometimes.
The rib area hurts when I bend over, breathe deeply, laugh, cough and also when I move my right arm.
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yes it can,  i was just reading a artical on it but what it said was that it can cause severe pain in the upper abdominal area radiating straight through to the back .does this describes his symptoms. it also said it can cause upset stomach sometimes becoming severe  .pancreatitis can be very serious even fatal if you or your husband fill this could be the problem you need to go to ypur doctors asap or go to the nearest hospital. it could be some other digestive problem or it could be your ribs as your husband was sugesting but this is not one that should be guessed worked.here is the web address for the artical i was reading www.pancreatitis.org.uk .god bless
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Pain behind the ribcage is a common symptom of pancreatitis.  I have had acute pancreatitis which has now become chronic pancreatitis.  Pain can be present in many areas, lower abdomen by navel, mid abdomen, flank areas, rib cage, back and shoulders.  Pain is usually more severe when one is having a flare-up,  when irritation and inflamation is present .  Continued inflamation can lead to an acute attack.

What kind of medical treatment has your doctor put you on to treat your pancreatitis?  Are you on a controlled low-fat diet?  You should consult your doctor, notifying him of this "new" pain.  They may want to do more bloodwork to make sure your amylase and lipase levels are ok or further  do further tests.  Good luck, let us know how you are doing.
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