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Pancreatitis,just left hospital without doctors discharge,please help!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I'm 29 and when I was 26 I had my gallbladder removed.Thursday I woke up in alot of pain and vomiting so around 7:00PM I went to the ER.I'm also 35 weeks pregnant so I had to be moved to another hospital that had a OBGYN well after some test they said I have pancreatitis.Well Saturday morning came around and I was still in the hospital they was only giving me something for pain and I couldn't eat anything,so here I sit thinking of my poor baby without any food from me.Well the pain as gone down alot and I went to the snack room and got something with low fat and ate it and was fine.So after the doctor came in to tell me they was going to keep me longer I thought about it and said no I was going home(I have 3 other kids at home)I'll be calling around Monday to find a doctor to help with this so til then what can I eat and are there any jucies I can drink for the baby that wouldn't cause me to go back to the ER.Please help I haven't had anything to eat but the no fat cookies yesterday and I'm worried for my unborn baby.
Thank you so much!!
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I was in the hospital last month with pancreatitis. The treatment is for no food. The pancreas needs to rest, and by not eating it can heal. Your baby will get plenty of nourishment from what your body has stored. Not being a Dr I can only guess that another case of pancreatitis would be worse for the baby than to go without food for a few days. By leaving without the Dr discharging you. You are showing the Drs that you are unwilling to follow Drs orders. Which would make the next less willing to take your case.
You need to follow a very strict low fat diet. Recovering from this takes time. By eating foods that are high in fat. They can cause you a lot of gas pressure to build up in your upper abdomen. Trust me it is painful. Low fat foods will still give you the nutrition you need. Things like yogart and toast hold back on the butter, fruit, vegis, chicken breast, fish, turkey, ham sandwiches minus the mayo. There is a lot you can eat just be careful to not push your pancreas too hard. Recovery can take up to 6 weeks before you are feeling normal again.
Becareful your baby will be fine, but you need to take care of yourself first. If you aren't better by the time baby is born you won't feel good to take care of it like you want to.
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Hi blessing.
Instead of taking dietary suggestions from others,
(e.g liver flush) especially since you are pregnant, who you really need to be talking to is your OBGYN doctor. All of this should be at HIS attention. He's/she is the number one doctor you should be talking with as far as nutrition is concerned for your baby. If you weren't pregnant it would be a different story. Talk with your obgyn asap as far as what you should be doing. Good Luck ;)
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Please tell me about the liver flush. Any info you could give me would be most appreciated.  You seem to know alot about curing ailments naturally. Are there any books or websites I could go to to get additional info? Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Dear Blessing,
I have Chronic Pancreatitis.  I know that it can be a problem.  PLEASE contact your OBGYN to see what he/she has to say.  Your baby will take all the nutrition he'she needs from your body.  You already have it in you now.  The treatment for a pancreatic attack is no foood for about 3 days.  Then a clear liguid diet.  Soda is allright too.  Popcycles are wonderful.  Clear chicken and beef broths.  I cheat a little and put 1 or 2 low fat ritz crackers in the broth.  You can use fat free salteens too.  After about 3 days of that, then progress to a soft diet.  Eggs scrambled, applesauce, stuff like that.  It is important the you let that pancreas rest.  

Now I have no problems with dairy foods or sugar and have never been told to avoid these.  Quite frankly, I don't think I could live without them.  But I eat low fat or fat free dairy products.  Egg beaters, fat free ice cream, 2% cheeses.  I would NOT be drinking or ingesting Olive Oil at this time.  It is hecka high in fat and high fat is the LAST thing you need in your body after an attack.  My worst attack kept me in the hospital for 9 days.  I understand you have other children at home.  It is so inconvient to have an attack.  Isn't there someone you can turn to for help with them?  You also need plenty of physical rest now.

Please, call your OBGYN and follow his instructions for getting back to the road of health.  Good luck!
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Dear Blessing,

I too, have chronic pancreatitis and urge you to follow the advice of TazLady, she knows the correct treatment well.  Specifically, DO NOT drink olive oil, and DO NOT consider the liver flush!  These suggestions WILL NOT cure pancreatitis and could cause you more harm than good.

Get your gastroenterologist to recommend the proper treatment for you as soon as you can.  Good luck.

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