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  My doctor has told me that I have parasites called Entamoeba
  Hartmanni and Endolimax Nana. They are harmless to the
  body but cause gas, bloating and digestive irritation resulting
  in load noises (which is incredibly embarassing). She told me I cannot take medication to kill the parasites because they do not cause bodily harm. In addition, the medicine only works once so that if I were to get parasites that were harmful the medication wouldn't be effective.  Is this true?  If so, what other options do I have to get rid of them?  Please help, I'm desperate.
Dear MJSmall,
Usually, physicians do not treat these parasites because they are not considered a cause of symptoms.  There are other cuases for gas, nloating and noises e.g. swallowed air, intolerance to milk sugars, fiber intake.  I would try dietary manipulation before considering any antibiotic treatment.
I do not have any information regarding the natural remedy that was proposed.
This information is presented for edcuational purposes only.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
*keywords: parasites, irritable bowel syndrome

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