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Post Gallbladder removal pain.. (unlike gallstone symptoms)

I just had my GB removed (lap) about 3.5 weeks ago. The surgical pain was improving on a daily basis but stopped about 2 weeks ago. The area is still pretty sore and I can't lay on my stomach at all (which is a real pain in the arse, that's how I sleep!). Is it normal to have the same level of pain and soreness in the area for this long? I was expecting each day to be better than the last but no such luck.
On a good note, all of my gallstone symptoms are gone (which for me was mostly heartburn). I do have increased diarrhea but I have IBS so it's not exactly anything new for me!
Thanks in advance for your experiences and comments!!
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I had my gallbladder out in May of 2001, and I was pain free in about a week and fully recovered in about 1 month.I would suggest seeing a doctor. Do you have a fever? you could have an infection.
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I also had my GB removed recently (12/27).  Just two days ago I was able to sleep on my stomach again.  I am also a stomach sleeper, so it was a pain for me too!  The incisions will be tender for a little bit yet, but I would also suggest contacting your doctor, just to be safe.  Good luck!
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