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Pre-Teen Stomach Pain

  My 11-year old has had stomach pain for 3 wks. in varying degrees. It was diagnosed as constipation at first and she was put on laxatives. That solved the constipation, but she still suffered from pain often accompanied by sharp, cramping extra pain. A gastroscopy was done and it showed severe stomach inflammation. All tissue culture tests, blood tests, urine tests and stool tests have come back normal. She was put on Prevacid, Belladonna Phenabarbitol, Fibercon and Gas-X. The pain always seems worse in the morning and evening. Some days the pain stays at a functional level and on others she stays curled up in a ball in bed. On those days she complains of headache, weakness and dizziness as well as the pain and cramping (or shooting pain). She has never run a fever with it and only experiences nausea when the pain is at its highest, but hasn't actually thrown up. Stress has been brought up as a possibility, but the stress she's under is from the pain and missed school. If the pain would stop, so would the stress. At wit's end and tired of watching her try to function and participate when she's not doing well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Dear Sheila,
The GI Forum no longer has the services of a pediatric gaastroenterologist to provide specific suggestions to you.  Your letter does not provide any details whether tests were ordered or whether your child is receiving empiric therapy.  It would be appropriate to have a series of tests done to exclude structural problems of the gastrointestinal tract.  An upper GI barium study and small intestine series as well as a barium enema are needed.  A gastroc emptying study, is needed to rule out delayed gastric emptying as a potential cause foir symptoms. You should also ak your pediatrician if these symptoms could be related to the hormonal changes associated with menstruation.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  always consult your personalphysician for specific medical questions.
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