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Prilosec (Omeprazol) abdominal problems

Does anybody know a way to solve the side effects of  lower abdominal pain when using Prilosec or any other protonpomp inhibitors.
Prilosec works fine, but this side effect is so worse that I must stop using it.
It is no use to "go back" to Histamin inhibitors like Zantac etc.
In fact I am looking for someone who has found by experimenting another medicine that could releave the abdominal pain without having other serious side effects
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You can check out "Some GASTRIC REFLUX TIPS we use" that I posted on 12/7/01, on the GERD Online forum. Run the tips by your doc, and if your doc and you have no objections, try them, and let us know if they help, or not!

They are holistic treatments (no bad side effects!), and my sources for them are listed on the message there.

Here's a link:


I wish you all the best, and I hope others share their thoughts with you too!

Concerned lady

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Could you post a direct link to the GERD ?
Would like to review as well?
Nexium 40 mg. a day caused abdominal pain and headaches and after 6 weeks still suffering and on nothing at this time.
Did you have weight loss ?
I eat only heart healthy and now only
cream of wheat
white toast
crushed vits in cereal.
Heartburn with so many things
Mylanta no help Tums either
Bought Gaviscon
Carafate : helped
The PPI's
and others I wish were 6 hours so we could test effects first?
Prilosec : Not yet ?
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