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Problems after gall bladder surgery

Hi I had my gall bladder out two months ago.. I still continue to have pain on my right side and also near my belly button and waste. Its hard for me to wear pants. Over the last week I have been getting extremly nauseas but I am able to eat when I need too. I have lost alot of weight since the surgery and people have been telling me I look realy thin and pale..I was in the hospital over the weekend they thought I might have had a  Apendicitis but the CT scan was negative and my white blood count was normal. Although I still seem to be feeling worse every day. I would like to hear someones opion on what I should do???
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With a negative CT scan, that would evaluate for most of the major causes of abdominal pain.  

Removing the gallbladder increases the incidence of Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, which can mimic gallbladder pain.  An ERCP would be a test done by a gastroenterologist that can evaluate for this.

Other possibilities would be irritable bowel disease or inflammatory bowel syndrome.  A colonscopy can be considered for further evaluation.

I would discuss these options with your personal physician and a possible GI referral.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Hi ,I have a daughter that has problems with this spincter of oddi and her dr. had put in a stent 4 different times since september. She was diagnosed with pancreatitis in june 2004 and ever since then she has been in  nothing but pain ...constant pain. they keep telling me she will just have to deal with the pain. and she has a pretty high pain tollerance but sometimes she can't deal with it ..I am getting worried.She has been hospitlized 12 times since then and is currently in the hospital now. Her stomach is sooo tender . They say her enzymes are fine so they say it must not be her pancreas .But she hurts so bad. She does have endometriosis really bad so they said maybe that is the reason why she hurts so bad ...And she did just recently ended her period. but should it hurt her constantly. They also said the pain meds. they have her on maybe putting her body in pain. (huh????) They was giving her 100 demerol every 3 hrs. and now has lowered it to 75 every 4 hrs. She still has pain even with that much med. Since She has had pancreatitis they had her on dilaudid and sent her home adicted  She's never took a drug in her life or for that matter even took a drink. (she's proud of that) so am I. So my question is Does this sound like endometriosis or what could it be if all test come back fine except they said her white blood cell count is low.And she can barely eat. Her meds she takes daily is Toprol 25mg twice daily and lonoxin and pancreatic enzymes (about 25 a day) and elevil 20 mg daily. and lortabs 7.5mg when needed.Any answers ??????????Please????????
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Please look to this board and ask your questions.
I had my gallbladder out and now I have Chronic Pancreatitis and SOD.  I did not get this from drinking either. Just because your Amylase and Lipase levels are normal DOES NOT mean you aren't having a pancreatic attack. With Chronic Pancreatitis it is completly possible to have attacks and have these not rise. An ERCp would be a very test for this. So would a Fecal Fat test to check for mal-absorption.  A ct scan is hardly definative or conclisive either.
Go to the website and get some answers to your questions by people suffering from this disease.
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Had Gallbladder sx. in july, with a Hida scan of 9.
Had alot of problems, pain.
When gallbladder came out, still had problems.
Pain, constipation w/diarrhea at times, bloating.
pain doesnt seem to want to let up. Feels best in am
when I first get up. But hurts throughout the day.
They did a ERCP and found high pressures in the sphincter of oddi. Performed a sphincterotomy..But still having problems.
I know these can scar over, but this soon ?
Any ideas on whats best to eat. have lost weight...home from work
Are there any other surgeries that help.etc..
thanks for your input.
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