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.Proctalgia Fugax Need Help
For the past month and a half I have been experiencing rectal pain. Sometimes it does not hurt at all but other times I feel like something is pulling, especially when I take a shower, the second I stand I feel like something wants to come out, feels like a muscle but I am not sure. I wear extra tight underwear so that it will hold everything in place. Yesterday I went to my doctor and she performed a rectal exam on me..she could not find any tumor or hemorrhoid so since you cannot tell if a muscle is bad by looking at it she concluded from my symptoms that I have Proctalgia Fugax. I have constant urges, tiny ones and I can feel the muscle in my anus closing without me even wanting to, its automatic. The thing is I have been checking out the symptoms online for Proctalgia Fugax and some of the symptoms dont sound like me at all. They talk about having "attacks" for 30 minutes and then it disappears as quickly as it comes. For me its constant. The only time when I feel good is when Im sitting on a chair or when Im sleeping. When I make a bowel movement in the morning its fine but when I have another urge to go again it will burn inside and I will feel like I did not finish even though I did. This whole issue came out of the blue. I have been suffering from constipation issues my whole life so I take medication for it so my stool is always soft. This condition is affecting my ability to lead a normal life so I Really dont know what to do. If anyone has this particular condition and can tell me if this is what it sounds like I have please let me know
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