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Question about gall bladder symptoms

I have been having some ongoing discomfort in my upper abdominal region...pain infrequently, but sometimes severe.  It usually feels like a squeezing or a fluttering.  My doctor ran all sorts of tests, but nothing showed positive.  He recently had me do a ultrasound of my gall bladder and a Hida scan.  The ultrasound didn't show anything abnormal, but my ejection fraction on the Hida was 8%.  The discomfort I feel seems to be associated with meals...If I avoid fats, I seem to feel better.  But over the last few days it seems like anything I eat triggers the discomfort.  I also feel a bit light-headed (I want to say dizzy, but not quite) during these times.  Is it possible that the symptoms I am experiencing are related to my gall bladder?  Most people I know with gall bladder problems have had pain only.  Thanks for any thoughts!
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Negative gallstones, but a low ejection fraction can lead to the symptoms you describe.  

There are small studies that suggest removing the gallbladder can help with the symptoms.  

Before surgery, you may want to consider other upper GI conditions - such as ulcers, inflammation of the upper digestive tract, or GERD.  An upper endoscopy can be considered to evaluate these possibilities.  

This option can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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