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Question on Pancreatitis

Hi - Is there anyone in cyperspace that has Cystic Fibrosis that is pancreate sufficient and developed pancreatitis.  Would really like to chat with you.  Also has anyone with pancreatitis tried antioxidant vitamins such as melatonin, Vit and selenium?  Did it help?  What is the "10 fingers" mentioned to manage back pain?  Once your gall bladder has been taken out has anyone been prescribed Actigal?  We have and don't know why since my daughter no longer has a gall bladder. Last question. My daughters most severe flareups are with her menstral cycle.  She is not on birth control.  Can anyone relate.  Having read the board for a couple of weeks now I feel that we are alone except for the pain we all feel.  Thanks so much for any information you can give a new person experiencing pancreatitis.  My daughter will be seeing a specialist about doing an ERCP.  Scared it will make the pancreatis worse.  Thanks again
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I found your post interesting, because I have severe pain since having my gallbladder out. My pain always get worse around my mentrual cycle. I've posted before and never heard of anyone having the same symptom. I don't have pancreatitis, but Dr thinks this is sphincter of oddi dysfunction. I had an ERCP done that came back normal. I've heard the test to have is ERCP with menometry. This test measures the pressure in the bile duct. If the pressure is too high they cut the sphincter which stop the pain. It's very risky because it can cause pancreatitis., so it needs to be done by someone who does them often and is very experienced. Did your daughter have stones in her gallbladder? I had only sludge - I've heard that the actigall can help break down crystals in the bile to help move it more smooothly.
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Hi, I love this forum, but if your questions are to other pancreatic sufferers. then try thi site. http://www.pancreatitis.org.uk/
It is only with people with different severitys of pancreatitis.
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Lor - My daughters gall bladder did not have stones - just sticky, tenacious sludge and it was the smallest gall bladder they ever saw.  About the size of a grape.  Probably CF related. I think maybe the sludge is causing the blockage to the duct to the Pancrease and the sludge is probably because of the CF.  I'm putting the pieces of the puzzle together. TazLady thanks for the web site page.  I will check it out.
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Our son was on actigal for 6 months when he was suffering from liver disease.  The doctors told us that the drug would help thin
bile and help the liver drain easier.  He also had an ERCP done by a local doctor and developed severe pancreatitus. He was in ICU for 2 months from this....I have since learned that an ERCP should only be done at a large hospital that do hundreds in a month not just a few.  The lack of experience almost cost him his life.
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I have CP and have had success with antioxidant therapy for the reduction of pain.  The antioxidant program that I am on is one that was studied and discovered at The Royal Manchester Infirmary in England, and the antioxidants taken are specific combinations of beta carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and the minerals selenium and methionine.  This therapy has been very effective for some people.

I know of many women with CP who do experience heavier pain during their menstral cycle, this is not uncommon, though I do not know the cause.

If you are looking for yet another website that deals with pancreatitis and it's related problems, there is a very good one at: http://www.panassociation.org/

You didn't say the age of your daughter, but there are several members of this website I have mentioned with children with CP, chronic, heriditary or CF related.
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Hi Lor,

Since you had mentioned having worse pain around the time of your menstrual cycle before, I started noticing if mine had gotten worse as well.  And, of course, it does.  I have some of my worst "attacks" during the week of my period than any other time of the month.  So you are not alone in that aspect.  It must have something to do with the spasms of the menstration causing spasms of the abdominal area or bilary ducts.  Who knows??  I'm sure the doctor's don't!!
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