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Questioning the effectiveness of seeing doctors

I have posted a few times here, and it seems like most everyone here suffers from just about the same problems I do.  I am interested in learning about what tests you have been subjected to, as I have been subjected to a myriad of them all with NO answers.  I was told today that there is nothing physically wrong with me.  Does that mean that I am making myself hurt?  I asked him that and he replied, "It just means that the source of your pain is not able to be found by scientific means."  OK, now what?  He said he "thinks" I just have IBS.  Just?
I don't understand why we have no rights as patients to be told what they are actually thinking.  I saw it in my chart as we were talking, my primary care physcians office refferal nurse indicated that I am "Hypochondrial in nature".  Hello. That REALLY ticked me off.  
I am seeing my chart from my primarys office on Friday.  And then that same day seeing my primary doctor too.  
My request to you, please, if you would take a few minutes and send me an email with your symptoms and diagnoses, (you don't have to add your real name if you don't want to)your age of onset and what YOU think caused(es) your pain.  I will print them and take them with me.  I want them to be able to tell me that all of you are "HYPOCHONDRIAL" too.  
I think its high time someone stands up and takes notice of the pain that people go through and are forced to live with because doctors think they know everything.

My email address is:  ***@****

My name is Denise and I am 35 years old with 5 children.  Please help me to maybe help us!
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I know exactly what you mean.  Everytime I go to the Dr they give me a RX for anti depressants.  I am not depressed.  I am getting there fast having to deal with all of this **** from these dr's.
I go Monday again to the GI dr to see what else she might want to do.
I have been battling this for 2 years now.  There are days that I am so sick I can't even go to work.


I am looking into going on a gluten free diet to see if that will help.
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I know exactly what u mean i am 29yrs old 3 children and a husband that is frustrated cause he dont know how to help me!
I have been told numerous times IBD IBD IBD etc. I am so tired of hearing that! My smptoms seem to be getting more severe now it hurts so bad sometimes worse than having a baby! I wish i had more to offer u but maybe we can talk about r symptoms and results together. Idont know what u have had done but i have been through alot since i was around 15yrs old. U r not alone! goodluck to u!
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What kind of symptoms is everyone having?
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JohnJ. You asked a great question. What are everyones symptoms/diagnosis. It's so hard to tell if we all are suffering with the same thing if noone is posting diagnosis/symptoms. I would also like to know if any of you have seen other doctors besides you current? I feel for you all....It stinks :(
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Because of this forum, which I have been reading since Dec. when diagnoised with "sludge", I was not surprised when the results of my HIDA scan came back NEGATIVE.  My primary sent me to a gastro who sent me to a surgeon both doctors indicating strongly it is my gall bladder and now the surgeon says it's not my gall bladder it must be IBS.  I can't take it anymore. Last year I sufferred an attack while flying and ended up in a hospital only to have them say they don't know what happened.  Trust me, my pain was VERY REAL.

Now I have lost 15 pounds since December when my stomach was so extended I looked pregnant. I am 41 and have constant pain on my right side. Serious gas, bloating, belching, constipation or diahrea and the odor of my bowel movements smells like something has died inside of me.  I never had this before. But, as like all of you after test after test, all results come out negative.

Is there any one who can help us?  I see from this forum it is not just me. And my pain is real and my body is not functioning correctly.

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I have almost the same symptoms as you sludgie.  Pain starts in my right upper ab first even before eating.  Seems like shortly after I eat I start getting mild cramps and gas across my ab a few inches below my sternum. By the end of the day the pain is in my back also.  But most of the pain is in the right upper ab a couple of inches below my rib cage.  The pain must go away when I sleep because it's not there when I wake, but starts all over again about an hour after I am up.  Had most of the test so far, everything normal of course!  I'm going to get a CCK/Hida on Tuesday.  I almost hope they find something wrong with my gall bladder.  Maybe this is the cause of my problems.  Gall bladder ultra-sound only showed a slight thickening of the gall bladder wall.
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My symptoms are also similar.  It helps to know I'm not the only one with these problems.  I think the Doctors and Specialists I have seen think I'm a nut case. They give me that look like I don't know what I'm talking about. Anyone else have upper right quadrant pain the seems to cause gas and other pain throughout the whole abdomen?
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I understand what all of you are saying as the last 10 years i have bee expreiencing all this pain on my right side and having chest pains! I think I have had all the tests in the world to solve this or for them to tell me there is something wrong but it seems as all of you that they say they can't find anything! Give me a break, all of us can't be insane or at least making up this! no one in their right mind would lie about this! The pain gets so intense that i would like to die instead of all this pain or for me to get all of these tests tat takes so much time and some are nasty to have done!
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I've been through the same thing.  I had pain, nausea, some vomiting, small appetite and of course weight loss.  I've now lost almost 30lbs since November.  Initially, my PCP pushed anti-depressants but I refused.  I've had them before, I know what it feels like to be depressed, I'm not depressed now.  His reasoning was that I would gain some weight - what about the pain and other symptoms?  I had all the usual tests, endoscopy, ultrasound, CT scan and a heap of blood tests, all came back normal except for a small hiatus hernia - no gastritis, ulcer etc.  My PCP did give me proton pump inhibitors as he thought it might have been an ulcer, but they didn't do anything.  He just kept saying to keep taking them cos 'every little bit helps'.

Finally he did send me to a gastro who ordered a new lot of blood tests and stool tests.  These came back normal except for the stool tests which showed a massive amount of fat being passed through, I eat a low fat diet.  He then ordered a 72 hour fecal fat test which I am waiting on the results of, I don't see him again till Friday of next week.  He thinks that it's a malabsorption problem due to a virus I contracted which affected my pancreas.  Not all pancreas problems show up on the tests... sigh...  Apparently the 'fix' is simple digestive enzymes.  I'll let you know how I go after seeing the gastro dr next week.  

Oh, one thing I thought I'd mention, the gastro dr said to stop the PPI as there was no indication I needed them.  When I said that I'd tried to stop them but got aditional symptoms he said that that's normal, there is a rebound effect of acid when you stop taking them, so I'm slowly weaning myself off them, lol, now I've got acidity/burning as well, something I haven't had since having gall bladder removed 5 years ago.

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Well my sympyoms are cramping pain under left rib then moves all around to lower ab then to my back pain turns to burning to sharp. i get really cold and start shaking sometimes i puke  sometimes i have constipation then diarrea. I have had black stools yellow stools soft stools hard stools, sometimes i can go 2wks without moving my bowels . I have had my bile duct cleaned out do to sludge then had my gallbladder removed 2wks after that that was in october last year. I have had my tubes tied also .Someone had mentioned endometriosis to me but i have not went for laproscopy yet im scared, i have had so many tests im tired of being poked. I have had upper and lower scopes . I have had some scope to check my bladder, scope to check my kidney also.My pains i have been having the last 3days are sharp all throughout abdomen and diarrea some bloating feel hot but not running temp. I just recently switched gastro dr he trys and feels bad but i dont think he really knows whats wrong either.
He put me on trazodone and aciphex But couldnt take them trazodone gave me migraines aciphex just didnt work. So he put me on xanax and nexium.I go back in a wk or 2 whenever i schedule it . I dont really know what to do next except to be cut open again. But the more your cut open it leaves scarring tissue in that alone can cause pain! Well gl2u all keep in touch!
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After reading all of your comments, I can truly understand how you must feel. Yesterday, I had an upper GI series done to determine the cause of my bloating and pain. Notta, nothing, except that my small intestines are all on the left side and there is a possiblity that there is scar tissue pulling them together and the only way to relieve the pain is the operate and I've had too many surgeries and this will just create more scar tissue in the future. I, like all of you am sick of doctors and I have a wonderful surgeon, but he is stumped by all this. I also was given elavil to help me sleep, becuase your body needs to sleep to heal and I certainly have not been sleeping. If any one knows why my intestines are all on my left side, please let me know. My gastro also said I had IBS--short for "it's bull s--- I'm sure all of you have heard the same thing from your doctors. Can the lot of us all be crazy? I don't think so. Bloating and looking like you are pregnant is very real and painful. Hope someone has the answers. Have a great Easter!
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I feel so badly for all of you.  I have found out that some times you have to go through the same tests several times with different doctors before something shows up and don't tell your new doctor that you have seen another doctor about the problems that you are having.  Just maybe, the new doctor will look at your situation differently and not make an opinion from some other doctor's diagnosis.  Never let anyone tell you that "it is all in your head", and if they do, you don't have the right doctor.  Good luck to all of you!  Twingirl
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