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In Sept, I contracted Hepatitis and Jaundice.  An ERCP was done and three stones were broken up and removed.  Approximately six weeks later, due to pain in liver area, another ERCP was done and three large additional stones were broken up and removed.  Why is my body producing these stones and could the 2nd three been there previously but the GI couldn't see them?   I fear that this might become a continuous process.  Is that possible?
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ERCP is a "Band Aid". It can remove stones, but if stones have been formed before, and if nothing else have been done to prevent stone formation (diet, lecithin, bile salts, omega 3, c vitamin, herbs...), then new stones will most likely be generated by the same way the old ones were generated.
In other words, you only fixed the product of your problem, but the problem (gallstones formation) is still there.  Go to this page:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gallstones/messages
and read. It is a community on Yahoo with over 1000 members and with over 12000 stored messages. To prevent gallstones formation you need to change your lifestyle and your diet, and to remove gallstones, you need liver flush. Read at least 100 messages on yahoo and you will get the "picture" ....

Gallstones are essentially large crystals of cholesterol found in bile (Gr. chole, bile; stereos, solid). Bile is secreted by the liver and contains bile salts, which are needed for digestion of lipids, plus the phospholipid lecithin, a primary constituent of cell membranes.

The gallbladder stores bile between meals, and gallstones result when cholesterol precipitates from bile during this storage period. Fasting, low fat diets, weight loss/gain, pregnancy ... are common risk factors and common causes of gallstones formation.

Cholesterol is insoluble in water, and precipitation from bile at first appears unavoidable. However, bile salts and lecithin are biological surfactants (i.e., they are amphiphilic) that self-assemble in bile and give rise to interesting microstructures that serve as cholesterol transport vehicles. For example, lecithin vesicles enhance the solubility of cholesterol in bile nearly one million fold. Such vesicles are thermodynamically metastable so that cholesterol crystals will ultimately prevail at equilibrium. Attainment of equilibrium is typically slow enough that cholesterol passes through the gallbladder without consequence, but some individuals are not so fortunate. Kinetic factors, presumably proteins, influence the rate at which vesicles yield crystals, and the question of who develops gallstones is a matter of chemical kinetics, not thermodynamics.

New stones can be formed within 2 - 10 days, or within 2 - 10 years.

Eat a lot of "good fat" to prevent bile stagnation!

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There are clever posts that recommend "liver flushes" for a variety of maladies, and couch their recommendation in psuedo-scientific terms to make them more convincing. The goal is to get folks to visit one of the many "alternative" medicine sites, such as Curezone or Hulda Clark's site, where they try a
"bait and switch" and try to sell you recipes, books , something called a "zapper", etc.

look these names up on Quackwatch.com.  You will see they are quacks perpetrating scams.

LIVER FLUSHES have been proven to be useless. They can, however, cause great harm or even result in death if a person ignores real medicine and pins her/his hopes on 17th century medicine like "liver Flushes".

Good luck,
Chicken Soup
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I searched Google.com on "Chicken Soup and gallstones" and guess what I found ?

I found this message:

Considering the words you wrote there, I guess that message have been posted by you, chicken soup? Am I right?

You didn't reply to those who replied to you? Why? Are thir arguments just too strong, or?

I also found this message:

Again, no reply?

You must have some comment to those messages, or you just prefer not to comment them because you are out of good arguments?
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I have no idea what you are talking about or what the sites you listed are. I do recall that you are the person who posted ON THIS SITE that you "knew the sun was smaller that the Earth and that the Earth was flat because you could see it with your own eyes!!!"

You are also aware that Hulda Clark is the defendant in several wrongful death suits, and had to flee the US to Mexico. Knowing that you have this information, I believe it is immoral to continue to peddle your nonsense about liver flushes.

Have you no shame?

If your quackery misleads an innocent person in to trusting quack's like Hulda Clark, and that person foresakes modern medicine, and later is permanently harmed because they did not get REAL medical assistance, I hope they, or their hiers, hire a good lawyer and sue you for all you're worth.
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I think you are a sick person.

May God help you!
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Of course I'm sick!! I have esophageeal cancer.

I only hope the number of people you cause harm to is limited. I realize you are paid to visit as many as 30 WEB sites per day to post advertisements for curezone, Hulda and Geoff Clark and others who stand to profit by the sale of their books, visits (at $5,000/week) to Clark's "clinics", the the sale of Hulda Clark's "zapper" and other spurious items which have no theraputic benefit.

At least you should be honest with the people who visit this site and disclose that you are compensated to advertize for other WEB sites. I doubt you will be that honest, however, since you don't care that you are dispensing "medical" remedies to people without having any idea of their symptoms and condition. Obviously, you don't care who you hurt. How much money does one have to be paid to sink to that level??

May God have mercy on your soul.
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