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RUQ pain - no diagnosis

Ok, maybe someone can give me a little insight into what to look for.  I have had pain under might right ribs extending into my back at times for three weeks. A little stomach upset, but only mild - no vomiting - a little loose stool which fiber helps.

34 years old - overweight (285)
Ultrasound - normal
Blood work - normal
CT scan - only indication is slightly enlarged spleen

Have been on Cipro for one week
Have taken flagyl for three days - just stopped because of side effects maybe from flagyl (headace, chills, stomach spasms).

Pain is not diminishing.

I'm thinking the gall bladder.  My doc is looking at diverticulitus, but my pain is in upper right quadrant, not the usual place for this.  I know he's going to try barium enema next.  Should I push for a hidascan?  Other things I should ask about?

I'm also concerned about potential for malignancies.  I smoked for 10 years and quit 5 years ago.  I haven't had any symptoms of lung cancer such as blood, or coughing - never the less, my body feels "funny".  It's hard to describe.  Not a good diagnostic description, I know.  It feels like a pressure - like a softball has been shoved inside my ribs and is pushing everything around.
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I've been suffering from somewhat the same symptoms since the end of January.  I started a new, stressful job then and by the end of the first week felt like someone was sqeezing the breath out of me (really hard to get a good, deep breath)and felt that awful pressure at the bottom of right rib cage.  I've been to the doc, who suggested wearing looser clothes and did bloodwork.  The only thing found thru the bloodwork was a thyroid problem!  The pressure has let up some, due to the looser clothes, but it's still there.  It gets worse under stress and when I eat something unusual (like Chinese food).  I finally talked to my mom about it and she tells me that she had almost identical symptoms ~20 years ago on the LEFT side, which her doctor labeled IBS.  She said that you can get trapped gas in your colon, which then presses on your rib cage and causes discomfort.  I'm going to the doc today and I'm going to ask if that can really happen!  

I understand what you mean about worrying though, my 38 year old cousin died last year of liver/kidney cancer, so it's scary....

From what I've heard, if it's gall bladder, do your symptoms worsen after eating?  I've started writing everything done, so I'll remember!

Good Luck to you!
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i had pains on right side under ribs and it woudld go up and into back and all in chest some time but on right  and would hurt real bad let up come back  for hours   i have been to emergency many times   to make a long story short  it would go into my face and jaws gums  and have been tested more than once for hear attack and heart problems   they could not tell for sure   stll cant tell some time i still have pains and nausea and stuff  but it seems to have helped after i had gallbladder surgery   i have been i the hospital since then withe chest and abdominal pains  and face pain   but not quit e like that    i have a mild coronary artery desease and mild mitral valve prolapse dont have to take medicinefor it thank GOD  but any way  i have reflux esophogits  and some ailments   do you have these type of things     ok  about the test  i had been tested through the years for gallbladder problem because of the symptoms  i mentioned above  i am talking for several years   even the doctor in emergency room said he thought i had gallbladder problem   ihad ultrasounds  upper gi  lower gi  hediscan   i the first hidiscan i had was orderd by a emetgency doctor  a woman doctor she asked me if i ever had a hidiscan and i said idont think so which to my knowledge i had not   any again i had one and nothing show that made them thik problem then i had another hidiscan by my gastrointerologist  and nothing   finally on time later the same gastro doctor said he wanted me to have a nother hidiscan and guess what   it showed the gallbadder was not functioning normal  and sent me to a surgeron  that surgern had problem of whether to remove gallbladder so i told m y gastro dr that i waterd a second opinion and i wanted that other surgeon any way   so my gastro dr said we will get a second opinion because he thought it should comeout  well i had gallbladder surgery  oct 14 1999 and i feel the difference   i stll have some gass and other stuff but it is so better   that pain is no like that i had PRAISE GOD  but my family dr and gastro dr said it takes a while 6 mo to year for things to be ok and stuff it help me like i said i have stomach and abdomen pains and gasl comes and goes and nausea at time and dirreah some time    but my surgeron said it my gallbladder was all messed up alot of inflamation  and mess in it but no stones you see that is probably why it didnt show those times   it took 3 hidiscans to show on the last   plus did not show on those other test    one test showed thickness in gallbadder some wher but they did not talk about it as concern  then the last one showed the story   i hope  you find out what is causing  your problems     have you had heart test and have they ruled out different thing    just thougt i would writeyou   i know what it is to wonder what is going on          God Bless You                                       mary elizabeth
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i have had the same pain in my right side for 2 years now. i first went to a doctor and all my blood tests were negative. just recently i had more blood work, and a cat- scan, my doctor tells me i have a fatty liver from drinking to much, but i don't drink that much. my pain never goes away. hope you find something.
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Thanks for the information.  Here's a followup.  Went the the ER on Friday - pain in back, abdomen, dizzy, weak - They did the hidascan which was normal.  I think some of my symptoms were caused by the antiobiotic which triggered a severe anxiety attack.  Anyway, I am still in pain today with pain in my back near the right shoulder blade.  Still the pain/pressure under my ribs.  I'm wondering if I have a pinched nerve in my upper back which is causing all of this, since this area gives me more pain every day.  I also notice much of the pain disappears after I sleep, or lay down and relax.  Anyway, I'm going to see my GP in two days.  We'll see what else he can do for me.
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Be patient, I had the same URQ pain for six months
straight, no relief!!  Went to many Drs, went for
many tests, only thing that showed were GB stones.
Even though my symptoms weren't classic for stones
(pain did not get worse after meals, actually it
didn't have any particular rythym to it at all!!
Dull pain, wearing tight clothing did make it worse
I do believe that stressing and worrying about it
which I did do, I thought for sure it was serious,
made it worse.  I have not had any pain for almost
2 months. Greg, hang in there, my doc now thinks
that I just happened to also have stones, she doesn't
believe it is what caused my symptoms and also believes
it is intestinal related.
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Randy, interesting you should mention the fatty liver - I also have a "slightly fatty liver" and the docs keep asking me if I drink a lot.  I don't - maybe two glasses of wine on Fridays.  I wonder if there's a connection.

Georgie, did you also have any acid reflux (heartburn)?  Now I feel this in my chest.  It has been there the last 4 or 5 days.
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