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Re: Colonoscopy Nightmare

Posted By Dolly on November 09, 1998 at 23:13:46:

In Reply to: Colonoscopy Nightmare posted by Lina on November 07, 1998 at 14:38:08:

My husband had a colonoscopy a couple of months ago
and he told me it
was the worst thing ever done to him.  He said he
felt everything done
to him.  I just wanted to know if that was
condisered malpractice.  I'm
studing to be a nurse and recently I had a patient
who had this same
procedure done to her and she said she didn't feel
a thing.  Could they
of not giving him enough medication.  He told them
he felt everything
but they told him it was normal.  Is it?
Three days ago I underwent a colonoscopy to remove polps discovered during FlexSig.  The colonoscopy lasted one hour but could not be completed due to to fact that the medication wore off.  They did remove 6 polps . . three of which were as described by the Surgeon the size of the pinky finger from top to the first joint.  Further medical procedure will depend upon results of the biopsy.  My question is due to the size of the polps cancer lumes in the back of my mind. . . can I be so lucky as to escape the big "C".  Is it unusual for a woman having had a hysterectomy to have an uncompleted colonoscopy?  The surgeon advised that the Gastroenterologist will see me in a month and another colonoscopy will be slated in three months or sooner if advised by the Gastroenterologist. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated because this all came about when I volunteered for this test without any problems. . . only to find that I now feel like I am doomed.
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