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Re: Colonoscopy Nightmare
Posted By Saskia on November 13, 1998 at 15:23:32:

In Reply to: Colonoscopy Nightmare posted by Lina on November 07, 1998 at 14:38:08:

I am from Holland and read the problem with your husband.
My first colonoscopy was also horrible, a nightmare. They had to stop the examination. My colon is very long and looped and when the colonoscopie had to be done again years later they gave me something to "sleep" and I didn't realize I had this difficult examination. I woke up and it was done. Unbelieveble. IF your husband has to do it again once (I hope not for him) ask for what I had.
I know the horrible pain the first time. I hope he is over it again. Good luck with the results of it.
Greetings from Saskia.

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