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Re: GERD, Barretts Esophagus and skipped heartbeats

Posted By Tammi on September 10, 1998 at 09:36:21:

In Reply to: Re: GERD, Barretts Esophagus and skipped heartbeats posted by Patricia on September 09, 1998 at 14:37:08:

: : Hello,
: : I have a question. I have gerd and Barretts Esophagus. I also have had angioplasty with stent placement in one artery. I am a 48 year old female. My question is... I have noticed that when my esophagus problem is acting up... I have alot of skipped heart beats. My friend said she also notices skipped heart beats when she has severe heart burn. Is this normal or what? Thank you,  Patricia
: Dear Patricia,
: Cardiac arrythmias are not included in textbook descriptions of the symptoms of acid reflux into the esophagus.  However, we have had several postings to our Forum in which patients with reflux have noted fast heart rates.  These observations lead me to conclude that it is possible to have changes in heart rhythm with reflux.  The only caveat is that cardiac disease is very common in the population and can also be present in the patient with reflux.  Therefpre. I would be interested in learning from others following this Forum if they have cardiac arrythmias due solely to reflux.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Always consult your personal physician for specific medical questions.
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I can't believe I just read these messages, I thought I was going nuts, and my Doctor's (Hemotologist, Cardiologist, Gynocologist, Gastro), all which I came across due to one simple trip to donate blood for my dying Mother 4 years ago.  The Red Cross said they would not take my blood because I had so many skipped heart beats. I new I was having them. I was 26 and just lost my 56 year old Father to a 1st time sudden fatal heart attack. Then I started having these "attacks" at night where I would feel my heart pause and then pound to catch up on the missed beats, jolting me up from sleeping. This would only happen upon going to sleep sometimes once or twice for a half hour and sometimes for 4-6 hours till about 5:00a.m. I went to a sleep disorder center so they could have this all on tape and send me to the right specialist. Their suggestion was to see a cardiologist. The first one blew me off and said I was too young to have any heart problems. He blamed it on stress and didn't want to see me. NO tests were done.  The second cardiologist (because I knew this was not in my head) did a stress test, tried some drugs some there were no change some made the heart act worse, some made me a zombie by lowering my heart rate. I had a 6,4 and a 1 year old at home. A GP said it was stress and perscribed traquilizers at night. I had the attacks right through the sleepy drugged up time, so they didn't help. Then in January of 1998 I got strep throat and lost my voice. It came back but I lost it again, and again. This went on for 7 months (and still having those night attacks) I went to a ENT he told me to have my tonsil's removed. I didn't think that was warrented since I only had the one infection in January. The laryngitis, was not due to any infections. I thought maybe when I had tubal-ligation done in 11/97 that the breathing tube that they insert when they put you under was causing this and it would eventually go away. It didn't. In August 1998. I saw another ENT. He didn't see anything wrong with my tonsil's staying in but did note some redness, and nodules on my vocal chords. (Probably from trying to live with laryngitis for 8 months) He suspected LPR. He sent me for a 24 pH test (not pretty) and I found out yesterday that it came back positive. I got on the internet right away and have been reading about sypmtoms (difficulty swallowing, burning in the throat, cough, etc.) and it all makes sense now. But never did I expect to see these two messages. I feel like I'm not crazy, not alone. For awhile I was beginning to wonder if all these very "physical" things I was feel could be in my head like the doctor's were trying to make me believe because I was "too young". I would like to hear more about when you started to feel the "skipped" beats, what made you first notice them, how it has changed you're life style, gosh, anything I want to hear it ......I know now  I AM NOT ALONE!!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you
  Don't ever think you are alone with these skipped heart beats. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy. After having the angioplasty I expected to feel better, but I don't and mu doctors act like these skipped heart beats are nothing, but they can be so annoying especially at night. I tell my husband that sometimes it's like there's an alien in my chest trying to get out. I've been having them for years... like twenty years. And they get worse in certain situations, like stress... when I have esophagus problems, or they just happen at any old time and at night is the worst. I was glad to see your message because sometimes I feel all alone in this too.
I would like to see how many other people think they are alone. I haven't until yesterday found anyone that understands how this feels. You try to describe it and they look at you like...."uh huh". It get's scary, and they say it's nothing to worry about. Did you ever feel your pulse when your heart was skipping it's beats to see how long it doesn't beat. Some of those pauses are forever. Some take my breath away. I just want to feel normal again.....heck it's been so long I forgot what that feels like. Oh and the doctors that say it's stress.....When they say that then I'm "stressed".
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