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Re: Heartburn, Lump in Throat, Chest Pain

Subject: Heartburn, Lump in Throat, Chest Pain

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      I`m a 45 year old man, have always been in good health until this last year. I`m getting heartburn, a lump in my throat, and chest and neck pains almost every day. I`ve been to several doctors and specialists, have had stress test,endoscopy, x-rays on my esophagus. Have taken prilosec, prevesid, propulsid with relief for a while but then they stop working. I feel a tightness in my neck and throat, almost as though my throat is swollen. There is a lump there all the time. So far all my test results have been normal and they can`t find my problem. The only medication I`m on now is Ziac for blood pressure. I have been on this about 2 years and I`m wondering if it could be the cause of all my problems? Please could you give me any information that could help me find an answer I would really appreciate any help.
             Thank You,  Bob
P.S.  I forgot to mention, when I`m getting a bad case of heartburn and chest and throat pain, I also become dizzy and sweat.

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