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Re: Nissen fundoplication

Posted By Carol on December 12, 1998 at 16:28:45:

In Reply to: Nissen fundoplication posted by Carl on December 10, 1998 at 10:03:35:

I recently underwent a nissen procedure here in Switzerland by laproscopy. I, too, am having constant bouts of diarrhoea, usually once a day.  This seems to be getting better gradually, but I was interested in reading some of your comments on this condition.  I am convinced that there is some form of vagus nerve irritation, even if not damage, as the nerve is wrapped with the fundus collar during the procedure.  Anyway, I have had a second opinion from another GI who, when looking at my previous medical history, told me that I should never have had the operation in the first place as my GERD symptoms were comparatively mild compared with those who are better candidates for the procedure.  He is now telling me that he may recommend having the procedure reversed.  Is this possible ? Can the stomach be anchored back to its original position ?  What about the esophagus ?
I would be interested in having your comments before commiting to further surgery which may exacerbate my condition.
Dear Carl:
I too had fundoplication surgery back in 1996, and had not one, but two take downs. I was also told that I was not a good candidate for the procedure after they had already done the fundoplication. They can unwrap the nissen, but I still am having problems with gastric emptying, called gastroparesis. I initially had swallowing problems following the nissen for several months that caused me to lose quite a bit of weight, which I could not afford to lose. I was so miserable, that the only thing to do was to take it down so I could swallow again.
It is 2.5 years later/post op, and I am still having allkinds of digestive problems for which I have had more surgery. I developed a lot of adhesions, etc.... that have given me grief, and now no one knows how to treat me, as most of the prokinetic medications that doctors usually give to treat gastric emptying problems, I cannot tolerate.
I feel strongly that too many people are having this surgery not realizing how dangerous it can be, and the possible bad side effects it can have. My life has totally changed since I had this done, and not for the better! I wish now I never had the fundoplication done. I wish you well, and e-mail me if you need more assistance or just another understanding person to chat with,.  Carol
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