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Re: calcium supplements

Posted By Micki on September 28, 1998 at 14:37:23:

In Reply to: Re: calcium supplements posted by jean on September 28, 1998 at 10:44:55:

I recently saw an internist because I was
experiencing constipation.  I have been
taking calcium supplements ( I am female,
age 46). Since I started the supplements,
I have been very constipated.  
The internist wanted to do a colonoscopy,
but I said no, because I am hypoglycemic,
and it involved consuming nothing but
sugared clear fluids for what amounted
to about forty hours.  I didn't think that
was doable.  I would certainly pass out.
In addition they wanted me to drink
a large quantity of a substance that
I determined to be a poison.  I talked to
several nurses, one of whom had had
the test with that particular substance
to drink and all said it was brutal,
one even described it as barbaric.
That I could expect to leak fluid
uncontrollably, be nauseated,
and or vomit repeatedly. Also there
was the possibility of puncturing my
intestinal wall, and if I bled more than
a cup of blood to go to the ER.
This on top of being horribly sick
from the low blood sugar.  
All that for constipation!
I asked the Dr. if I could have an enema
instead, before the test, and they were
not sympathetic, so the test was
cancelled, and I am seeing a new doctor.
In the interim, I have stopped taking the
calcium, and I am fine.  
I should say that my other tests were
negative (stool sample, blood, urine).  
I need to know if there is a calcium
supplement that won't cause this problem
--I need the calcium, but the constipation
is a pain, and that nightmare of a test
is out of the question.--thank you.
  Micki....try to be a big girl...a few hour of having loose stools from the prep is worth the peace mind of finding out what the problems are. Why go to a doctor if you don't want to cooperate with him? I am a nurse and would never such negative info...because it's not true.
Jean-- Big girl has nothing to do with the problem.
My hypoglycemia is not just a little shakiness.
I had a glucose tolerance test, and they were
fully expecting to find diabetes. I was having
migranes, dizzy spells so severe I would have
to put my head between my knees in public
places, and beg for food.  I was found wandering
on a campus in the middle of the night with no
recollection of it.  It is not some trivial thing
to me.  I was quite ill.  Additionally, for your information,
I spoke with three nurses who all confirmed
the description of the prep for this test.
When I was given the option of the
colonoscopy, or a barium enema, I was given
no details of either, or their prep.  I would certainly
chosen the barium test, because I have since
found out it involves only a 12 hr fast, and a
laxative, and one or two enemas.  That is
do-able. The three nurses all confirm that
the gallon of go-litely that he wanted be to
drink was horrible, that i would be nauseated,
vomit, have more than a few loose stools,
that I would soil my clothing and bedding
uncontrollably and it was unnecessary.
There were other options that
this doctor was unwilling to discuss. I consider it
my right to be given all the facts concerning
any treatment or test that might be recommended
to me so that I can make informed
decisions concerning my own body.
I don't need to be lied to or euphamized.
I want to trust my physician, and this
one didn't earn my trust. I shouldn't have to
resort to the internet, ot any of our medical
associates ( I do healthcare marketing)
for the information I want, and deserve.
This was a new doctor--because our insurance
changed.  He spent all of 5 minutes with me.
The rest was with his office staff
who were clueless.
Since I have stopped taking the calcium,
I am perfectly normal.  However I need calcium.

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