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Re: tingling & numbness realted to digestion?

Posted By Rehan on September 29, 1998 at 23:32:58:

In Reply to: tingling & numbness realted to digestion? posted by gail on September 29, 1998 at 11:14:09:

I have various symptoms, the worst is a buzz or a hum over my
entire body that is always there sometimes better sometimes worse.
Approx 3 months ago I started taking digestion enzymes that took
the buzz away until I switched to a different product for digestion
enzymes, it came back in full force.   At that time I was also
diagnosed with hypoglycemia.  I went back on the first enzymes
and the buzz went away also the hypo got better.  I still have
other symptoms including tingling in my lips & mouth approx
45 minutes to 1 hour after eating if I have a snack and don't
take an enzyme pill.  I also still have shortness of breath,
pains in both sides of my neck, numbness in my little finger and
aching hips.  these symptoms get worse after eating and better if
I don't eat.  Also, if I don't take an enzyme the food seems to
stay in my stomach forever.  Are these problems related to
digestion or do you have any other ideas.  please help none
of my Dr's have any idea what is going on and it's driving me

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