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Rectal Bleeding and Colon Cancer

Please people I have been doing a tremendous amt of research on Rectal Bleeding and Colon Cancer. Well, what I found out is statistics are different than they were 2 to 5 years ago. It use to be that you were at risk for Colon Cancer at age 50 and above. Well, now I can tell you it is 35 and above. Number one I registered to  a listserver that carries lots of people and what I found out alarmed me to no avail. There were men and women in there middle 30's dying of stage IV rectal cancer/colon cancer. It scared my butt off so much so I arranged to have a
colonscopy because of my constant constipation on and off.  However, rectal bleeding is a very significant sign that something is wrong you must insist your doctor do a scope on you. Do not let them read you that riot well, you are just to young for that. I am here to tell you no way you are not to young.  It broke my heart to see all these young people that were diagnose to late because there does their doctor goofed, he paid more attention to statistic's than his patient as so many doctor's do this.  I am glad I have a good GI doctor and he is very cautious. However, I must say I am a little worried about mu colonscope because of all this constipation. Now we all know there are many diseases that cause constipation, but can we afford to take that chance of guessing without a definitive test like the Colonscopy to prove otherwise?  Any rectal bleeding need attention and followup with test no matter what your age!

I have come to change my tune as you well see and i no longer agree with the old way statistically.   I am not trying to cause mass hysteria, but I am just trying to let people know things hhave changed if you do beleive me registered to the Colon Cancer listserver and you will see what I mean!

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I wrote the passage quite quickly and i didn't take type to check my grammar or spelling..sorry!
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My father has just been recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer.  he wasn't sick at all.  one night, he woke up with pain in his side.  they did a bunch of tests not knowing what was wrong.  his colonoscopy proved cancer in stage IV.  no one ever suspected it.  he is 52, but i've had trouble with myself for 5 years now.  i'm only 20.  i had bleeding in the stool for 4 weeks straight. they said it was caused by stress.  i had a barium enema done, adn it came back ok.  now i'm so nervous that i'm seriously ill sicne i'm more at risk now knowing that my dad has cancer.  i have diarrhea after i eat and then i wont go to the bathroom for like 2 weeks adn i can't control it.  i was wondering if you could help me get on the colon cancer listserver to receive info on this.  i'm a pre-med student adn i'm trying to learn as much about this disease as possible.  my father was diagnosed a week ago and they dont give him much time to live.  it has spread to his liver, not to mention god knows where.  he's having a colon resectioning done tuesday.  any help would be appreciated!  thanks!
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