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Rectal itch

Posted By Rose M. on April 02, 1998 at 23:13:50:

Have hemorhoids which bleed a little with each bowell movement.  No constipation; however stool at beginning of bowell movement is very hard and thus painful and normal thereafter.  Have a rectal itch both internal and external extending approximately two inches all around the annus.  Itch has been almost constant for about one and a half years.  Itch is very intense at times.  Have been prescribed Proctofoam, hemorhoidal HC, and have also used Preparation H.  Former two meds provided no relief.  Preparation H has only relieved itching and burning for thirty minutes or so.  Have tried several prescribed creams for external itch and none brought relief.  Doctors unable to determine cause - any suggestions, help appreciated.
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