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Reoccuring belching, vomiting after eating

  I am a 42 year old male, smoker and not over weight. I have been experiencing some abdominal pain, severe belching and vomiting after eating. One thing I have found that I donot throw up is grits.  I am afraid to eat any thing fried or fatty due to the vomiting.  I have been told that have may have gall bladder problems, any suggestions?
Dear Paul,
There are a number of conditions that can cause your symptoms of abdominal pain, belching and vomiting.  Esophageal diseases including reflux, ulcer disease of stomach or duodenum and gall bladder problems are all possible causes.  If your symptoms are persistent, are associated with weight loss, fever or other constitutional symptoms otr if you are concerned about these problems, then you should seea doctor for evaluation.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Ask specific questions to your personal physixcian.
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