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  I have been experiencing severe pain after eating.  My doctor first suspected gallstones.  He scheduled an ultrasound and recommended that I follow a low fat diet until the test.  Two nights ago I woke up in such severe pain that I literally thought I was dying.  I went to the emergency room where the attending doctor gave me pain medication and told me again to folow a very strict diet.  The next day I had a bowl of bran cereal with skim milk and again experienced extreme pain.  At lunch I ate 4 low fat graham crackers and had such a severe attack that I was again in the emergency room.  An ultrasound was performed and showed no stones. Today I had jello for breakfast and for the first time no pain.  Tonight I had two boiled new potatoes and some jello and experienced severe pain.  My concern is that anything I eat causes so much pain.  I am 34 years old,a runner,mother of two,in good health otherwise.  Please give me some idea of the questions to ask my health care provider as I am in a managed health care program.  Also any ideas on what may be causing this pain.
dear Stephanie,
You need to see a gastroenterologist for further tests to identify the cause of your pain. Ulcer disease is one possible cause that comes to mind for your pain.
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