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SOD Pain Relief - I don't know why this is working.. but it is..

I have posted before regarding SOD. Since then I have been reading and trying anything I can to manage this pressure/pain that I feel. Have you all noticed that almost everyone that experiences SOD pain is also on some type of PPI or has GERD? Here is what I have been doing and it seems to help.

1) Take my Nexium w/water every morning and then take a shower or do whatever.  Wait at least 15 min before I drink or eat anything else.

2) Drink 1/2 glass of Apple Juice every morning and again if I start feeling the pressure start or I know I am going to be eating a meal w/alot of fat.

3) Take a multivitamin w/iron and a digestive care mineral and herbal supplement w/orange juice an orange or a breakfast bar in the morning.

4) When/if I feel the pain start, I drink some apple juice and walk around and stretch reach to the ceiling or lay on my right side.  

5) I have cut down on my coffee consumption but I still 3 cups in the morning.  Also switched to Caffeine free Diet Pepsi.

6) I have been eating a bowel of instant oatmeal once a day.

I don't know why or which aspect is helping but it seems to be working. I even ate chips and dip last night w/no pain.. (drank apple juice before)

- Soccermom

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Thanks for posting those.
Do you have a sore spot in the ribs that never goes away? Hurts more upon moving?
just wondering.
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Hi Taylee, yes I did have a pain that was ALWAYS there especially when you touch or push it. It always confused me because when I pushed all I felt was ribs either in the upper middle part of the ab. or the lower right side.. It feels like a pulled muscle or a cracked rib.  I really am feeling better. I also have started taking Apple Cider Vinagar tablets - bought them at Walmart yesterday for $4.00 for 200. (take 2/day) My step-moms a nurse and she recommneded it she said if the apple juice was helping these might really help. I did some research, they are really good for your digestion amoung other things.

Try some of these out and let me know if it helps, maybe it's all in my head, but I really cannot believe the way I am feeling.
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Did you also bloat severely after meals high in fat?
Thanks Aniee
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You know just co-incidentally I had a friend of my husband's call me the other day, and he has bee going through this pain for 2.5 years with no relief. He was in a really good mood which he hasn't been forever because of the unrelenting pain.
He began telling me everything he has been trying also. Things that are similar to yours that are working for him are:
He said he was having vinegar on all of his vegetables, and salads, and lots of it. And about twice a week, he was also eating slices of lemon. He also told his manager at work, that he needed to get up and walk around during the day to relieve the pain (he works phones and has to sit all day).
You mentioned the above has been working. He is getting relief too. I think it is wonderful. I am going to try the same. I have already learned not to sit after eating or when the pain begins. I also lay on the right side. I keep the diet low in fat. I have eaten a bowl of oatmeal every day for about 2 years anyway, I love it. I take the antispasmotics twice a day, and once and a while I take a couple of bufferin for the inflammation and it helps the sore spot, but the next day I think I have more spasm from it upsetting my stomach. My worst thing is drinking water about an hour after a meal, it really sets it off.
But lately, I haven't had as much excrucating pain that make my right leg go into a charlie horse during these attacks. If I have a day,, where at least my leg isn't throbbing with it, I am happy. Doc's don't know why that happens so I stopped bringing it up.
Soccermom, thanks again for all the info. I have the terrible sore spot under the rib. How can I get that to leave too?
You think the vinegar/apple juice, maybe cleaning out the liver?
I will try some of the tips and let you know what happens. I am desperate for relief, 5 months after gb removal.
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That's so funny, I feel like I know you now... I would get the pain in my let also, my chiropractor said it was my siatic(sp)nerve.

I cannot seem to tolerate any kind of pain meds.  I'll bet your stomach ache could be caused by the bufferin.

About the water, do you put ice in it? I read somewhere that anything really cold will cause a spasm.

I think your right maybe the applejuice is cleaning out something, who knows what..who cares as long as it keeps the pain away!!

The sore spot under the ribs is where my pain used to start and intensify.. it's almost gone.. seriously try at least the applejuice.. drink a little (1/2 glass is all I drink)in the morning then a little right before you eat.  Are you taking a multivitamin w/iron?(you mentioned your iron was low)I am taking a Vitamin w/iron especially for Women. I forgot how good oatmeal was, I am hoping it will lower my cholesterol!

Tonight I drank my 1/2 glass apple juice, ate french fries and steak topped w/cheese and sauce  and cottage cheese w/pineapple then went out and mowed my lawn.. NO PAIN.. I am sitting here drinking a can of caffeine free Diet Pepsi and I feel good.  
Go buy a gallon of apple juice!
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Hi! yes, fatty meals used to make me feel like someone took a tire pump and started filling me w/air.
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I wonder if the scar tissue that we both have could be causing pain?

When they took out your gallbladder did the surgeon inject dye to check for stones?  They did not in my case even though he told me he would.
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Thanks for the tips, I'll try these.  You're brave to eat french fries.  I'm so afraid to eat any fat right now.  Lately I've also developed shooting pains inside on the right side.  They feel like they shoot out from the liver.  When gallbladder was first removed six months ago, I felt better although did have some pain, then it just started to get worse & white blood count went up.  I think it's back down now.  Still working with Drs. on a diagnosis.

It's encouraging to hear lor's success story about SOD.  Also, I did want to mention that I visited a pain management Dr. and was impressed with his knowledge.  We are waiting for a diagnonsis before doing any treatment.  However, those of you who have a diagnosis may want to try a pain management Dr.  I don't know much about what is involved with that type of Dr., but perhaps others have some experience.

Taylee - I saw one of your posts where you said the gallbladder was adhering to your other organs.  I think I also had the same problem - it looks like the surgeon had to cut adhesions off from around it.  Has anyone else had that happen with their gallbladder surgery?
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Soccermom, You are brave to eat those things, I am also afraid to eat fatty foods, not even a piece of cheese.! I am so happy it is going away for you.
Lor is brave and lucky in some ways too, she dared to go through with it and fix it!
Yes, after Dr's told me for over 2 years that nothing was wrong with my GB, they found it so scarred and adhered to my organs that my husband was panicky about how long I was in surgery.
So now, I don't have a definite diagnosis to go to a pain clinic and am too nervous to do ERCP.
Wish I didn't have to write about this, and could be thinking of more fun things to do, but it has a grip on me.
I am going to get Apple Juice to drink at room temp, cold drinks do set it off.
Who said it went down their leg also?
Could you write back? It is not Sciatica, it comes and goes with the attack, and besides I have had sciatica all my adult life and know exactly what it feels like and how long it lasts etc.
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No one told me anything about the scar tissue. I had to ask if I had any because of the awful pain I was experiencing. Then I called anothr DR, who specializes in biliary surgery who a year prior REFUSED to believe I had a GB problem at all and told her that when my surgeon finally removed it, it had been scarred all over and stuck to the liver and bowels, and she told me emphatically that scar tissue "means nothing in and of itself and shouldn't cause pain unless it is severely inflamed".
So there was my answer for that.
I think it must have something to do with it don't you?
I am constantly feeling like some thing is being pulled like muscle tissue and it is inflamed. I couldn't get an answer to save my life and am disgusted with the whole thing.
How about you?
What did your docs say about you having scarring and digging it off the organs? I had no stones, and no, they did not inject dye to look, even though I too, thought they may have checked for that also.
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All the surgeon told me was that the gallbladder was scarred.  It wasn't until I was getting copies of my medical records together that I read his surgery report.  He "dissected" it from the liver (I don't know if that is normal or not) and also mentioned that it had "adhesions" which he had to cut bluntly away.  I have not discussed this with him since reading the report.  I was trying to get information from my gastro Dr., but when I asked the assistant, she didn't know and my gastro Dr. was in and out so fast, I didn't get a chance to ask her.

The report also mentioned something about fibroids on the bile ducts and I would like to get an explanation of that also.  I too have pain all the time (usually not too bad if I don't eat much) on the right side under the ribs.  I also have pain shooting from the inside, sometimes a little in the back, hurts around the side.  At first I didn't have this pain all the time after my surgery, but it just got worse during the past two months.  Eating fats/nuts/chocolate/hydrogenated oils causes much worse pain.  I too am avoiding cheese, although I have tried fat free cheese.  I am being so careful with what I eat.
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I also wanted to mention that the pain Dr. thinks I may have several things going on.  One is inside where I am still working with Drs. to check out the bile ducts/etc.  Another one is call "abdomen wall pain".  Aparently there is a bundle of nerves which is right on the muscle wall of the abdomen.  This is indicated if you can pinpoint exactly where the pain is (in my case right side under ribs), then when you are lying on your back, have the Dr. press there while you tense the muscles by sort of doing a partial situp.  If the pain is worse, then it may be this abdomen wall pain.  The pain Dr. can give me a shot in the stomach for that (temporary relief) and if that helps then it would indicate that is one of the problems.  However, we are trying to find out what is going on inside first.  Also, apparently scar tissue can pull these nerves which causes them to get pinched.  Don't you hate it when Drs say "that shouldn't be causing pain".  You want to scream "but it hurts!!!"  If they felt this way, they would be in a little more hurry to try to fix things. (by the way I've lost 50 lbs so far from all this).

Sorry, just tired of all this and want my life back.
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Sounds like we have the same story. I had the same thing, digging it off the liver etc. How can that not hurt?
I was also told Abdominal Wall pain, same thing, but no one will give me a nerve block, to see if it would help.
Each doc sends me in a circle.
I too am debating the ERCP, but want desperately for it to go away over time without any more invasive procedures.
I lost weight too and am waiting to "build myself up" in case I do get pancreatitis, I will have something to fight it with.Right now I feel too run down and weak from everything.
I am on the same page with you, just want to get answers, and get on with my life.
Please post anything that is helping you or any info your docs can give you.
It really is amazing that our stories are similar.
wonder how we got scarring in the first place? something had to be wrong, why won't they tell us?
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Yes, let's stay in touch on this forum.  I've finally found someone who knows what I am talking about (sorry you have to experience it also).  I'll keep you posted.  Maybe you can find a pain management Dr. who will agree to try the injections in the stomach to see if that will work, even without a diagnosis.  He just knew I was still working with Drs. on my diagnosis and so didn't want to do anything yet.

I guess the gallbladders could have gotten scarred from sludge or my pathology report said grit or small stones.  When it contracted, it probably couldn't get all that stuff out of there.

I've been trying oatmeal and applejuice for 2 days and today I feel better.  I hope that is helping.  I also hope that you are taking an antispasmotic like Donnatol, because I feel that is helping me to eat better.  I am also eating fat-free cereal with fat free soy milk. I hope you can gain some weight.

I tried Nexium a few weeks ago for about 2 weeks, but couldn't see where it helped.  I wonder if it helps some people, maybe the reduced stomach acid doesn't go back up in the bile duct?

I have had problems with anemia, have you?  Right now I can't take iron pills or even multivitimins because it makes the pain in the liver area much worse, and the pain can last for days.  This has been true ever since my surgery.  I'm trying to get iron from the cereal.
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Yes, my iron is low, but again, the doctor that told me that a year ago, didn't say what to do about it.
I too, am taking the antispasmodic, Bentyl, and I think that helps.
I try to stay away from fats, but do indulge in sweets. I still have that annoying pain under the ribs too.
I was told I didn't have any sludge or stones, but just chronic inflammation. I don't know why. It was contracting at a rate of 91% which is very high, and was also told that meant nothing by the dr I went to for a second opinion before surgery.
So here I am now, and at least the leg pain is easing up a little bit. Not sure why, but I will take any sign of improvement after 1.5 years of this nonsense.
I do keep getting headaches now after eating. If it isn't one thing, it's another.
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Can I ask about the apple juice!  I have gastritis with severe burning.  Taking two Nexium now and want to wean off, eventually, once my symptoms are under control.

Did you take the applejuice and other things while on PPI's and can you take in conjunction, meaning, take the Nexium and drink the apple juice, etc too?  

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hello again when i posted last i had forgotten to mention the mucus like stools that dont always accompany the pains but are more common than anything else when i am having these constant pains, and they are also located directly in the center of my chest as opposed to any one side......tapping (pretty hard)with my fingers in the center of my chest just at the bottom edge of my ribcage seems to give me temporary relief but as soon as i stop the pain is back to its normal neverending level.
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hello everyone i am a 15year veteran of chrones disease and have had two surgeries both required two feet of intestine to be removed for a total of four feet of the lower ileium, prednisone seems to be working to decrease the swelling of the efected area but my problem is of a different nature than chrones...
i have been having pain in the center of my chest where the center of my ribcage comes together...(the chrones efected area is much lower) the pain comes and remains for days at a time along with dizzines,bright red stools,naseau to the point of feeling as though i may vomit but i never do even drinkin anything or imhaling can make me feel as if i may vomit,also it feels attached to my emotional status as far as being startled or tickled these both make the pain worse for a few moments. I went to the e.r. about 6 months ago and they did some bloodwork that showed my amilase and lipase were both elevated, they did a catscan and i was told that all looked ok,they told me that it was a sign of possible pancreatitus so i had my doctor do bloodwork and recheck later that month when the symptoms were not as severe and all came back as normal and both my G.I. doc and my primary care provider keep saying there is nothing wrong with my pancreaus.... now i guess what i am gettin at is i know that this is not chrones disease and i would like to know if anyone here has had like symptoms or has any input that may help me get a proper diagnosis. oh also the pain is constant and dose not let up at all it just persists and i just lay in bed until i am able to motivate once again thanks all any help is greatly appreciated.
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Its interesting you both mentioned a "sore spot" on your ribs.

I can find tender spots on several ribs especially at the sides.
Seems to be right on the bone? With some pain in between.

I have been diagnosed with "Non ulcer functional dyspepsia".

Have taken lansoprazole (1 month) and Zantac (2 months) with some time in between these meds (have been unwell for 6 months now with acid/bloating).

Its now being suggested I should try Nexium...

Have had an endoscopy, abdominal ultrasound and was H Pylori negative. All normal except endoscopy did show some stomach irritation.

I currently taking over the counter meds and the rib pains
have subsided! Weird.

C ya

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