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About three weeks ago about 5-6 hours after eating a bowle of thick tomato sauce.I went and saw a small patch on red slimy stuff on the side Thinking it must be the sauce.It happen again two weeks later this time it was on several pieces again after I ate thick tomato sauce.This time though pieces of the red stuff fell off the stool and floated around.I scooped it up and put in some water  too look at it.It was stingy much like a small piece of tomato.I tried to squish it to see if the red stuff would squrt out but nothing happen the thing seemed solid.After a while the red color faded and only a white stringy stuff remained and never disolved.I put it in a stringy piece of tomato to compare its color also faded in water leaving a smiliar stringy thing.

The third time it happen  several days later the same stringy red stuff was there but this time there was a small piece of pasta with it.Although it was small .I eat tomato sauce everyday sometimes thick sometimes fine.The tomato sauce may be browner from spices or it can be brite red.

I have had hemmorroids in the past and I know what the blood looks like,This looks very diffrent.Its sorta on the side in the middle exactly where I have seen food reside before.Its very unlike what the hemmorroids were.

This also happens when I eat apples they shows up all over my stool and leave a gooey reddish brown slime on it or when I wipe.It only happens when I eat apples.

The other thing to note is during this time I took a cold pill and found part of it in my stool undigested.Part had been digested.I have taken vitamens  and other pills since and they dont show up.

Any liquid cold medican like nyquil or cough syrup dosent fully digest with me.The gooey liquid comes out in my stool but the effect of the cold medican works it cures the symptoms the gooey liquind dosent digest I ve been that way for years.

Could this all be just food? Does blood come with a white stingy stuff?Does it float around? Could this be an infection or IBS.

I have no other symptoms NO cramp.No Nausa,No vomiting,No pencil thin stools.No persistant Diaherra.No pain or discomfort of any kind.

I am planing a coloscomy and a blood test in the next few weeks.I am 35 with no family history of cancer

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It can certainly be possible that the food you are eating is affecting the character and consistency of your stools.  

It is unlikely that blood is associated with a white, stringy consistency.  Floating stools may be associated with malabsorption or chronic pancreatitis.  IBS can also cause a change in bowel habits.

In any case, a colonoscopy would be a comprehensive evaluation to see if there is any bowel diseases to be concerned about.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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