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Septic Shock/Acute Pancreatis

  My mother was experiencing back pain and not feeling well for quite some time.  In October '97. Blood and Urine work was run and it was detected that her Total Bilirubin was elevated @1.13, platelet count 136., Bun 33. and Bun/Creatinine Ration 36.7. Her Urine indicated protein1+ Blood 1+ WBC30 and RBC 3-5.  She was sent for a CT scan and Ultra sound both indicated a "promience of the head of the pancreas measuring 3.52 x 3.69cm.  A ca19-9 test was order her level was 59.2.  Nothing happened after that.  She continued to get very tired, sleeping most of the day, lost her appetite and had back pain constantly.  She continued to push on although it was getting harder and harder for her to breath, as she had pulmonary disease from chronic bronchites.  In April we began to notice a change in her mentally, as if she was not getting enough oxygen, her eyes would become glassy and she would say very funny things.  She was leaving for a 50th Anniversary vacation to the Netherlands and went for a followup check up to her doctor.  More blood work was done, total bilirubin 2.21, direct bilirubin .39, LD 269, cholesterol down to 130, no urine work up done, her uric acid was always high she had tophi on her hands and elbows as she had been taking diuretics for many years do to hypothyroid probelm.  She had also developed a cough in April and thought she was getting bronchitis.  She left for vacation.  Within days she could no longer breath well and became completely disoriented and began gasping for breath was rushed to hospital in the Netherlands were she had multiple organ failure and went into a coma.  She was hypothermia very low blood pressure and a fever of over 106.  It was determined almost immediately that she had septic shock with her liver and pancreas enzymes #s in the 2400's and 3900s.  They continued to come down but she went into cardiac arrest three times in forty minutes.  She remained stable with life support but did not recover from the hepatic coma and was declared brain dead well into two weeks of staying in that state.   In the end her Dir. bil came down to 16, LDH down to 493,  SGPT 48 SGOT 47 Na146 Alb 12 and AF was at 53.  I quess my long winded question is, is it possible that she could have had pancreatic cancer based on her AF# and CA19-9 CT scan and Ulta Sound?  And then happened to  get septic shock ?  Or could she have had an acute Pancreatits that sent her in to septic shock?  I quess what I am trying to find out is, was she destined to die of cancer and septic shock spared her in some sick way from the painful death of cancer? Or did she unfortunately get taken untimely by a complicated infection that brought on septic shock.I apoligize for the length but I wanted to give you as much info as I could.  Thank you.  
Dear Sharon:

We are very sorry about your mother
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