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Severe Bile Duct Damage

  Four months ago, I began vomiting a lot of bile and having unexplained weight gain.  After several tests, my doctors confirmed that my bile duct had been extremely damaged during gallbladder removal surgery that I had ten years ago.
  A stint was to be placed in the duct, but the surgery failed because the duct is too narrow.  My next option was to use a vein from my leg as a replacement duct.  However, no surgeon in my area (Lubbock, Texas) is willing to do the surgery.
  Is this a common surgery and what are my chances of having a "normal" life?  I have gained ten pounds within the last two weeks, my liver continues to swell, and my bilirubin count keeps going up.  
  I am a 33-year old Hispanic woman that wants to be able to watch my children grow up.  Do you have any advice or suggestions?  Thank you.
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