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Severe Heartburn, Stomache pain, and bloating.....

  I have within the past year been experiencing periodic bouts with extreme stomach pain.  I feel extremely bloated, constipated,  and sharp pain in my lower chest area like someone is punching me from the front and the back.  At first they would occure late at night early morning around 4 am and last till mid morning.  But lately they occure more frequently and any part of the day.  The last few months I have also been experiencing severe heart burn and gas and burping.  The heartburn feels like it is going to come up my throat.  I occasionaly spit up stuff but I havent checked the color or anything about it I just toss it when it happens..  I havent vomited but I do occasionaly gag or feel like I need to vomit.  I thought it was milk that was causing it but it happens when I stay away from dairy products.  The last month at least every hour and a half I feel the extreme need to have a bowle movement , especially with in 20 minuets of eating.  
  I went to the emergency room about 3 months ago and they did a CAT scan of my abdomin, EKG, and some other test but all they noticed was that I had a really high white blood cell count.  
  Well if you can give me any suggestions it would be appreciated very much.  I dont have the extra dough to go get all the test done to get to the bottom of it but maybe if I can deter it for a while anything would be better than the discomfort.
  Thank you for your time.
Dear Drew,
There are several possible explanatiojns for your symptoms.  Unfortunately, one can not distinguish which problem is primary without undertaking a series of tests.  The pains that you desribe in the early AM may be symptoms of ulcer disease, although it is possible that these pains are the result of esophageal reflux.  Tghe urge to defecate may not be related to the upper symptoms EXCEPT if you have Giardia infection.  Have you been camping or traveling recently?  
This information is presented for educatioanl purposes only.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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