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Smelly mucus

  I have to go to the bathroom and expell a smelly mucus which has become increasingly frequent.  My bowel movements are well formed and there is no pain.  I'm exasperated and can't get a colonoscopy for a month.  Could this be due to a bacterial infection or something that could be more quickly diagnosed and treated?
Dear Cynthia,
Foul smelling stools and mucus can occur secondary to infectious diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease or malabsorption. Infections can be excluded with stool cultures. However, you do not report any diarrhea or weight loss. A rectal abscess or fistula may also produce foul smelling drainage. Up to 50% of patients with irritable bowel syndrome will complain of mucus in their stools. Sometimes dietary factors can play a role in the character, color and caliber of the stool. You may want to carefully analyze your diet to see if any particular foods seem to be aggravating your condition. Good luck with your colonoscopy.
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