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Sour stomach with back up

Subject: Sour stomach with back up

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About 12 years ago I had a sour stomach with a sour back up for about 14 months when it just disappeared. I went to several doctors and had scope down throat, scope up rectum, ultrsound, gall bladder tests with no definite diagnosis.  I had purchased a cockatoo parrot about 6 weeks before I staarted to get symptoms and I sold the parrot about 6 weeks before I felt better.  Well about 2 weeks ago I started getting the same symptoms as 12 years ago, which consist of waking up, getting back up late AM, eating lunch and feeling better, getting backup in the pm, eating supper and feeling better, getting backup till I go to sleep, wake up feelin ok and the same pattern continues each day. For some reason I feel beeter when I lay down.  I bought an African Gery parrot about a year and a half ago and I am wondering if my condition could be related to possibly some bacteria I might have contacted from the bird as he often kisses me with his tongue.  Maybe the parrot thing is just a coincidence but any feedback would be appreciated as I am married now and my wife loves the bird and I do not want to get rid of the bird for no reason.

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