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Spastic colon?

       For the past 5 month's I have been having a pain that comes and goes. It is usually under my left breast at the top of ribs. Sometimes it will be under my right breast at top of ribs.I have also noticed pain in the center of chest but usually a little to the left or right but not very often. It is not severe pain and it probably would not even worry me except for the fact of where it is. I went to one doctor about 3 month's ago. He said it was anxiety since I had just lost a family member to suicide. He put me on zanax which helped my panic attacks but not the pain. A while after that I went to another doctor who said it could be my heart or gallbladder but also thought it was more than likely stress so she put me on prozac. It has helped my depression a little but did nothing for the pain. I then went to another doctor to get a pap smear and told her about the pain. She said it was a spastic colon. She said it had to be because there is no other organ where I am having the pain. She gave me some pills for the problem but I can't tell they do anything. The pain will go away for a couple of days and then come back for a few days. It  usually only lasts 5 to 10 seconds but then will come back after  a few minuts. I am 35 , I smoke and am over weight. I have been really worried about this. I don't have insurance right now and Im afraid thats why the doctors won't run any tests and don't take it seriously. I do hate to go in debt but I don't want to die either. Do you think I have anything to worry about? Thanks for the help.  
dear dayna,
There are many possible causes for your abdominal pain including a response to stress.  Based on the information that you present, i assume that yu feel well except for the abdominal pain, have not lost weight, have no other symptoms, and do not have any cocurrent medical conditions.
The only way to definitively rxclude other diseases that coud be causing your pains is by a series of investigations.  If yu are anxious about the pain or if there are additional symptoms, then you should discuss having a wokup don by your doctor.
This infrmation is presented for educational purposes only.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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