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Spincter of Oddi Dysfunction and pain medicine

What pain medications help with SOD?

What pain medications should be avoided?

I don't know yet if my problem is SOD or bile ducts, but do you know if pain medicine causes problems with SOD, does it also constrict the bile ducts (causing pain if there is scarring or a stone?)
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I have SOD- I have tried Demerol and Percocet neither have even touched the pain. Either to make it worse or better. I have only heard from people here on this forum say you can't take them. My Dr has never told me that. I was told pain meds won't help with this type of pain.
I had a sphincterotomy done. I no longer have the pain, and require no medication.
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What was the test that diagnosed your SOD? Thank you.

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Thanks for your information.  I'm keeping it in mind as I am working with doctors on a diagnosis for my problem.
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Oh my God, I am at work having the worst attacks and can't take anything for it, and antispasmotics do nothing. (Could it be sludge in the duct?) Ouchhhhhhhhhhhh. It has been going on all afternoon. Oh, and drinking fluids worsens the pain.  
Yesterday I took Aspirin and it seemed to help ease the inflammation somewhat but today, I am paying for it.
I can't believe this is happening. My back is killing me from the pain and the front feels like a charlie horse.
My doctor is on vacation. My next appt isn't until August---what can I do?
So scared to have that ERCP after they told me that one could die from the pancreatitis attack.
Not very reassuring.
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My Gasto Doc gave me Nitroglycerin for the pain.  It relaxes soft muscle (sphinster of oddi) and seems to help. Also, antibiotics seem to help, don't know why..
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Does the Nitro have side effects, how much do you take and when?
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