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Stomach Pain, Sore Tongue, Painful Swollen Inguinal Lympth Node

  : : On 1/31/1996 I went to the doctor suffering from severe pain under
  : : my right rib cage. I was treated with ulcer medication that only seemed
  : : to help some. In May of 1996 I had a very high Basophil count and
  : : also got fertilizer dust in my mouth which  caused me to have a sore tongue
  : : and tongue lesions. In June 1996 I had inguinal hernia surgery on
  : : my left side (they used nylon mesh for the repair). The incision
  : : became infected 4 times and each time I was given a an oral anti-biotic. My tongue
  : : was still sore and they gave me a topical steroid for it. I then
  : : ended up with an oral and nasal yeast infection (yeast was coming out of my nose).
  : : I then experianced severe abdominal and esophigal pain which an
  : : endoscopy showed signs of chronic inflamation. The severe abdominal pains got worse
  : : along with the sore tongue, myalgias, allergies,fatigue, and swollen inguinal lymph
  : : node on my right side. I later requested tests for CMV and EBV that showed high
  : : antibody levels but no early antibodies. I have had tests for HIV
  : : that were all negative. Also CBC shows slightly low platelet counts.  Inspite of
  : : all this evidence that something is going on, the doctors at my
  : : HMO treat me as though everything that is happening to me is all in my
  : : head. I need advise on what I should do or where I should go. I
  : : have a hypothesis that I was suffering from a undiagnosed primary
  : : CMV infection at the time I got the hernia surgery and fertilize dust in my mouth. I also feel that the topical steroid that I
  : : was prescribed, along with the yeast infection that drained into
  : : my stomach from my sinuses caused the CMV to cause the inflamation.  I'm in constant pain from the swollen
  : : lymph that does drain and subside at times but mostly it hurts and
  : : is swollen. The abdominal pain usually shows up after eating along
  : : with the sore tongue which goes smooth and turns bright red. I have
  : : had upper and lower GI series that only showed a close grouping
  : : of my ileo loup which they say is probably from the hernia surgery.
  : : I am about to go back to my HMO and demand to be refered to the Cleveland Clinic for
  : : diagnosis.  Any help or insight on what can be going on with
  : : me would be greatly appreciated.  Also, I have been tested for
  : : HBV and HCV which were both negative.
  : : Thank You,
  : : Tony Phillips
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Dear Tony,
It is difficult to integrate your problems of sore tongue, abdominal pain, enlarged lymph nodes into a single diagnosis without doing my own history and physical examination.  Regarding the sore tongue and possible mucous membrane problems you should see your dentist and have him look for traumatic ulcers, leukoplakia, infections and tumors.  People with atrophic glossitis may complain of a dry tongue with intermittent burning.  The tongue may appear pink or red.  Vitamin (B12, niacin) or iron deficiency can cause this problem.  If you follow a strict, unsupplemented vegetarian diet, you may be at risk of vitamin deficiency. Until a diagnosis is made , I suggest that you avoid foods, that are causing you discomfort. There is a slim chance that your oral problem is related to acid reflux into the mouth.  You should initiate conservative measures to reduce this problem.  Things that you can do include:
a) 3 meals no snacks
b) avoid coffee, alcohol, cigarettes
c) do not lie down for 4 hours after eating
d) sleep with the head of your bed elevated 6 inches
e) chew gum or suck candies during the day  
If you wish to be seen in the Henry Ford Health System, please arrange an appointment with Dr. Fogel of the Division of Gastroenterology.  He can do the GI evaluation and arrange for concurrent evaluation by an oral surgeon or infectious disease specialist, if needed.
*keywords: painful tongue, esophagitis

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